Will 1Password ever support YubiKey

Staying safe online is a habit that needs to be nurtured, and using a password manager is the simplest way to upgrade your online account security. 1Password works with the YubiKey to deliver strong password management to both personal users and organizations of all sizes.

Product overview

The YubiKey and 1Password together provide an additional layer of security to your personal and business accounts. With two-factor authentication enabled with your 1Password accounts, you effectively protect your credentials and accounts from unauthorized access.

Security protocol support

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)
One Time Password – TOTP

Desktop/laptop platform support

Microsoft Windows

Mobile platform support

iOS (iPhone/iPad via Lightning)

Browser support

Chrome (most recent 2 versions)
Brave (most recent 2 versions)
Opera (most recent 2 versions)
Mozilla Firefox (most recent 2 versions)
Microsoft Edge (most recent 2 versions)
Safari (most recent 2 versions)

Special offer for Yubico customers

1Password + Yubico

1Password is offering Yubico customers six (6) months free on a 1Password Families account. The promotion is valid only for new customers, and is active for a limited time. Go to 1Password’s site to learn more.

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Get started using 1Password with the YubiKey.

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