Why is Masala always hot

What is Garam Masala?

The word Garam means “hot” and Masala means “spices”. Thus the term literally means hot spices; however, it doesn’t necessarily constitute a particularly spicy blend. Garam Masala powder is a blend of ground spices used extensively in Indian cuisine. It can be mixed with other seasonings and the spices are usually toasted with to bring out more aroma and flavor and then ground.

The process of making Garam Masala has changed a lot nowadays. The introduction of cryogenic technology has replaced the conventional grinding unit. This is a new concept that results in higher production with better end quality aroma and color. This spice grinding technology is relatively advanced and there are very few units operating at present in India.

Satvam Nutrifoods uses cryogenic grinding technology for grinding raw ingredients such as Red Chili, Coriander, Cumin, Bay Leaf, Cassia, Fennel, Clove, Black Pepper, Star Anise, Mace, Caraway, Dry Ginger, Nutmeg, Black Salt, Black Cardamom, and Cardamom at low temperatures, which preserves the essential oils and gives the authentic flavor just like the freshly prepared homemade Garam Masala.

Uses of Garam Masala

You can use Satvam Garam Masala Powder in various curries and gravies to make it more delicious. Add or sprinkle it in daal, samosas, potato vadas, kachoris, usal, pattice and all types of salty snacks as per your preferences to add aromatic flavors to your victuals.

Why is Garam Masala good for health?

Improves digestive fire:

According to Ayurveda, you need to provide your body with the right type and amount of warming foods to maintain an optimal digestive fire. Garam Masala increases your body temperature and consequently raises metabolism as well.

Slows the aging process

Ingredients of Garam Masala are known as supernatural occurrence fixing. Garam Masala is incredibly hostile to maturing fixing. Hence, Garam Masala slows the aging process and adds more years to your life.

Fights constipation:

Since Garam Masala improves digestion, it’s not surprising that it’s also been shown to decrease digestive transit time, which is excellent for decreasing the likelihood of constipation. This is hugely important to our health since constipation is one of the main ways that our bodies naturally detoxify on a regular basis.

Prevents cancer:

A study found that consumption of Garam Masala leads to a significant and dose-dependable desirable change in the level of detoxification system enzymes. These findings suggest that Garam Masala acts as a natural cancer preventative agent by encouraging bodily detoxification.

Wards off diabetes:

Cinnamon is an active ingredient of Garam Masala. The health benefits of Garam Masala are scientifically proven to be numerous. Cinnamon is known to help ward off diabetes and naturally lower blood sugar in diabetics is really impressive. Multiple studies have proved cinnamon’s potential ability to help lower blood sugar levels.