Why do people like Sirius Black

I used to not really mind him. I liked that he appeared in the series, because he kind of became a father-figure to Harry, which is something Harry needed. But then I saw someone pointing out some of his faults in a question of mine:

"Since you have a Harry Potter example, I'll give you one too: I was a bit disappointed with Sirius. I like him and cried when he died, but looking back he could be a hypocrite (he tells Harry: "You can judge a man by how he treats his inferiors," yet Sirius treated his house-elf Kreacher with great contempt; and another he mentions that people cannot be wholly bad or wholly good, yet he saw Snape as pure evil), and also Sirius was a bit immature to be a father figure, since he never really had a chance to "grow up" while being locked in Azkaban for over a decade."

It really made sense to me, and those could be reasons for disliking Sirius. I don't dislike him, but I don't hold all that much respect for him anymore.

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