Why do I love wife sharing fantasy

My name is Mike and I am 29 yrs old. My wife Rebecca is also 29 and we have been together since we were 17 years old. We have no children and both have good careers. I stand 5"9 and weigh 180lbs with an athletic build and have short brown hair with brown eyes. Rebecca is 5"5 weighing 112lbs with shoulder length curly brown hair and green eyes. Her body is nice and toned with a size10 waist and a firm 32d bust.

Like many men I have fantasies involving my wife with another man. For me this fantasy is not about being humiliated by a better lover or a man with a bigger cock. I think my wife is so sexy and beautiful it just turns me on to think of me watching her as she is being seduced and then pleasured. In these fantasies I don't picture the guy or how big his cock is, in fact the guy is more of a blur as I just watch my wife. I would fantasise such things as we made love and after my climax I would always feel silly and embarrassed in myself for thinking this way. I took this feeling as a warning.

We bought our first house together at 22 with help from family with the deposit and soon after got engaged. Life was great we were having so much fun and the sex just got better and better as we had the freedom of our own home.

Rebecca always had a higher sex drive than me and she loved to buy sexy lingerie and dress up, even experimenting with role-playing. Then one day came the dreaded question that all couples ask but sometimes wish they hadn't.

Rebecca asked me what I thought about during sex and what sexual fantasies I had. She knew I read erotic stories and watched porn which opened my mind to other things. She never admitted to reading such stories herself, although I had found evidence on the computer that she had visited Literotica a few times.

I held back at first thinking she would freak out while at the same time returning the question to her. She confessed that two men would be a turn on and that she had fantasies about being forced. The other things were stuff we had done or still did, such as outdoor sex, using toys and props. I felt a little relieved and safe to confess my fantasies. I told her that I often fantasised about watching her with one or two men as I watched. She smiled and encouraged me to go on. I explained that I imagined her dressed up on a night out looking sexy and getting lots of attention and that a guy would seduce her and then experience her charms. She sat back smiling saying how horny that made her feel. We both admitted that these things could never become real because of the consequences. We did however introduce these fantasies into our love making, I would tell a story I had read but change the names to our names and sometimes people we knew.

After 2yrs of living together engaged we got married. During this time we had pushed every sexual fantasy we had to the boundary only stopping short of reality. We had role-played several fantasies, one where I picked her up after a girl's night out pretending to be a taxi driver. I would drive somewhere dark and quiet then force her or shed offer sex as payment. Sometimes we would stay at a hotel pretending we didn't know each other and would cheat on our partners.

Looking back now I realise that even though it made for great sex and amazing satisfaction, it drew us closer and closer to stepping over that line. We both convinced the other we could control it, but I knew that given the opportunity I would blind myself from the risks and experience one of these fantasies for real.

For our honeymoon we decided on a nice 5Star hotel in Barbados. As we got married late in the summer we wanted the honeymoon somewhere hot during the UK winter. The hotel was amazing and the hospitality was something special too.

We obviously had the honeymoon suite which was huge with a great balcony view. I popped open the welcome champagne and we toasted each other before falling onto the king-size bed kissing passionately. Rebecca quickly pulled down my trousers and pants freeing my cock. She was always awesome at giving head and she enjoyed doing it too. Rebecca then quickly removed her thong and straddled me. As she guided my cock into her soaking hole she moaned bringing her arms to her shoulders and slid the straps of her dress down her arms then unclasped her bra. I immediately cupped each breast in each hand as my new wife slowly moved her hips in circler motions bringing us both to climax.

Rebecca was a bit of an exhibitionist and always went topless on holiday, which I loved, as it always aroused me knowing men were checking out her tits as they sat with their wives and girlfriends. The hotel reps were great but sometimes I felt they were a little too nice, especially Johnny, but my wife lapped it up and would sometimes introduce this to our love making story time sessions. Neither of us particularly fantasised about black men, but Rebecca confessed some of the reps were very attractive. Johnny was a wet dream for any white woman who loved black guys. He was 27, medium height with a very athletic body. He spoke very good English and was very polite but also cheeky when given the chance.

We often seen Johnny and some of his friends at one of the night clubs on the complex, he would dance with my wife sneaking the odd grope but it was all harmless and made for great sex later on.

That night I was fucking my wife like a man possessed, as I rammed my cock in deep she screamed for it to go deeper. I placed both her legs on my shoulders and rubbed my cock up and down her slit, she begged for penetration pleading she needed to be filled. I duly obliged and slide my cock back into her pussy until I was balls deep, I then started pounding her with deep powerful thrusts, and they weren't fast, just long deep and powerful. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them with every thrust into her body, and then she screamed:

"Fuck me Johnny."

"Oh yeah you wanna fuck Johnny do you?" I said thrusting harder.

"Yes ohhhhh yes fuck me that's it fuck me harder." she said panting.

"You want to feel a big black cock in your married white pussy do you slut?"

"Yes I wanna see a black cock, feel a black cock disappear into my pussy."

With that we both groaned together as my final thrust took us both over the edge. I collapsed on top of my wife as she wrapped her arms around me. I could feel her pussy flexing around my cock as the last of my seed shot into her body.

I came back from the toilet and Rebecca was sat up in bed smoking a cigarette.

"So you want to fuck Johnny do you?" I said teasing.

"He is hot but I wouldn't go there you know it's just fantasy talk." She said smiling.

"What if you could, would you do it?" I said probing her mind.

"Are you serious?" she said.

"I think with all this fantasy talk and sex we have I think it's inevitable that we will one day cross this line we talk about. Maybe we need to get it out of our system?" I said.

"I will confess Mike, all the attention I get from these reps and especially Johnny does get me wet. It has made me curious about sex with a black man." She said.

"Well let's see what happens. We won't force the issue but if the opportunity presents itself we can see how we feel about it." I said.

The holiday continued as normal, Rebecca had tanned nicely and sexual tension between us intensified as we both wondered if our fantasy would come true.

We were due to fly home on the Saturday so we decided that Thursday night would be our last chance to go clubbing. When we finished getting ready I admired how stunning my wife looked. She wore a short black skirt with black heels and a white low cut top which pushed her tits together creating cleavage heaven.

We didn't get to see Johnny in the club some of the reps said it was his day off. I sort of felt gutted and relieved; I was horny all the day with the thoughts of watching my wife with Johnny. After a few hours of drinking, groping and dancing we decided to head back as we were both so horny and needed some dirty sex. Several men had danced and groped my wife, one had even managed to get his tongue inside her mouth.

We decided to walk home as it was only a 10minute walk to our hotel; the club was on the complex so we knew it was safe. As we walked I teased Rebecca about her antics on the dance floor, getting her to confess how wet and horny it had made her. I was so horny I could have fucked her there and then on the sidewalk and let any passerby join in.

As we arrived at the hotel we passed the 24hr bar to which the bartender Manny shouted to join him for a drink. My wife the ever so polite one agreed. I told her I needed the toilet and to find a quiet table. She ordered a vodka orange and I said id decide when I get back.

A few minutes later when I returned Manny had gone and a new barman was standing there, I hadn't seen him before but he said he only worked the grave yard shift and Manny had finished. I ordered a beer and walked towards my wife. Before I reached my wife two older guys who looked to be in their 40s, beat me to it. I heard one say in a British accent if anyone was seating with her. They sat down before she could answer. I smiled and nodded at my wife as I sat a few tables away still able to hear the conversation.

She smiled back as we had played this game before and it always ended in great sex for the both of us. As I sipped on my beer my cock grew hard as I listened to their conversation.

"Hope you don't mind us interrupting you but we hate to see a beautiful young lady all alone so late at night." One of them said as they both laughed.

"It's ok I could use the company." She said smiling.

I sat facing my wife slightly as the guys had their backs to me.

"I'm Tom by the way and this is Robert were both from London. We have escaped our wives for the evening." He said.

"Nice to meet you both I'm Rebecca and I'm from Oxford." She said politely.

"And where is your lucky husband this evening?" Tom said.

"He has had a little too much to drink and is sleeping it off." She said smiling.

"Well fancy leaving his beautiful wife in the hands of two old men hey Tom." Robert said as all three of them broke into a laugh.

"Who says I'm in your hands?" Rebecca said mischievously.

"Well not yet you aren't but please give us time we just met." Tom said.

"Can I be rude and ask how old you gentlemen are?" she said.

"How old do you want us to be gorgeous?" Tom said laughing.

"Now now Tom where are your manners?" Robert said.

"I'm 43 and this old git is 46. And how old might you be Rebecca?" Robert said.

"I'm 25. Married young I know, but I met my Mr right." She said proudly.

"So why are you sat with two strange men? Shouldn't you be with your husband?" Tom said.

"First of all you sat with me and secondly I'm married not dead." She said as they all laughed.

As they continued joking and introducing themselves they took turns in getting drinks for my wife. At the bar I asked Tom who the girl was. He said he hoped it was his holiday romance and we both chuckled as he ordered double vodka.

I could see my wife was very drunk she had let the conversation get a bit steamier than normal but I wanted to see what would happen. I nodded my approval to her.

"So Becky you ever had cheated on your husband?" Tom said.

"No but it is a fantasy of mine." She said smiling.

"Well do you think you can handle two men?" Tom said.

"I don't know, maybe if they were gentle I might?" she said.

"Oh we can be gentle." Robert said.

"So are you up for a little holiday romance Rebecca?" Tom said excitedly.

"Your both nice guys but I couldn't cheat on my husband not on our honeymoon."

"You shouldn't prick tease Rebecca it's not fair." Tom said jokingly.

"Yeah do you know what happens to little prick teases Rebecca?" Robert said.

"No what happens to little prick teases?" she said as she leaned towards them as if waiting for a secret to be revealed.

"Well I hope for your sake you don't ever find out Rebecca." Tom said laughing.

My wife stood pulled out a cigarette and lit it. As she exhaled the smoke she said:

"Good-bye Tom and Robert it was nice meeting you but I feel I need to walk off this alcohol." She said smiling to the men.

"What not even a kiss goodnight?" Robert said.

"Sorry guys but I feel like walking down to the lake for some air." She said as she walked off smoking her cigarette.

Not far from our hotel was a large lake, were we had found a secluded spot at night during our stay where my wife had sucked me off. She smiled at me as she passed. My heart was racing I wanted to say something but I didn't want to ruin her game. I knew she wanted these guys to follow her, fantasy rape always drove her crazy but I wasn't sure whether she really wanted it to happen like this. Like most men I thought with my cock and waited for the guys to follow her.

"Come on Rob drink up lets follow her." Tom said.

"What we can't follow her what if she cries rape?" Robert said.

"She won't trust me. She's gagging just as much as we are." Tom said.

As both men went after her I quickly drank up and followed but kept a safe distance.

I reached the lake and hid behind some bushes. I could see my wife leaning against the fence looking out at the lake. As both approached her I could hear them talking but could not make out what was being said. I noticed Rebecca laughing as Tom grabbed her forcefully and kissed her mouth. As they kissed Tom pulled her top down roughly and tore off her bra. Tom pushed her against the fence and began to maul her breasts taking each nipple into his mouth. As Robert stood and watched he unzipped his pants and began wanking his cock. I too did the same.

I can't describe how erotic this sight was. I knew she loved it as she kept smiling and responding to Toms touches. Despite his roughness I knew how rough she liked it and was prepared to step in if he went too far.

Tom forced my wife to her knees and she unzipped his pants, both men thrust their cocks into her face and she took turns sucking and wanking these two men. As their moans got louder I crept forward a little closer so I could hear what was being said.

"How do you like that Rob having a 25yr old slut wife sucking you off?" Tom said.

"She's fucking perfect. Like having one my daughter's friends suck me off." Robert said.

As the two men laughed they quickly began groaning as I could see my wife kneeling eyes closed working the two cocks before her.

Tom then pulled out of her mouth and pulled her up by her hair.

"You wanna know what happens to little prick teases slut?"

Rebecca just moaned and giggled as Tom bent her over and spread her legs. Robert quickly shoved his cock back into her mouth as Tom hiked up her skirt and pulled her thong to one side. This was the first time I noticed how big his cock was. It was bigger than mine and much thicker. My wife screamed in obvious pain as he slid into her body from behind. Tom held his cock inside her body allowing her to get used to his cock as she continued with the cock in her mouth. Tom began to thrust in and out very slowly and my wife's moans around the cock in her mouth got louder. She stopped sucking and looked back at Tom:

"Fuck me hard you bastard, show me what a naughty little prick tease I am." She said.

Tom grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he thrust hard into her:

"Yes you little slut take my cock deep." Tom said.

He moved his hands onto her waist and fucked her hard. Robert grabbed her tits in each hand as he thrust into her mouth. Robert was the first to go as he moved his hands to the side of her head and fucked her mouth hard. I could hear my wife gagging as her mouth filled with another man's seed. Robert pulled out and began dressing as Tom kept up his assault on my wife's body. I could sense my wife was reaching her climax as she reached out and held the fence to steady herself against the powerful thrusts. Then she screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her body, this was obviously too much for Tom as he thrust in deep held onto her hips and pumped his load into my wife. He pulled out and let Rebecca slump to the floor against the fence. Once both men were dressed they left without saying a word.

I ran to my wife and picked her up asking if she was ok. We got back to the hotel and she fell straight to sleep after her shower. I led awake wondering what all this meant. We had both fulfilled a few fantasies tonight but I didn't feel any jealousy. I didn't know whether I was still in shock or what. But as I ran the images through my mind I felt my cock grow hard and I was soon depositing a large creamy load of my wife's arse cheeks as she slept.