Who would win Master Roshi or Gouken


It's a battle of the wise elderly mentors which powerful and knowledgeable mentor of great champions will win?!


Wiz: Heroes and Protagonists are epic and awesome fighters but they wouldn't be anywhere without there mentors

Boomstick: Yeah these guys may be old but they all pack a mean punch like Gouken the old Mentor of Ryu and Ken

Wiz: Oogway the Old Mentor of Po

Boomstick: Roshi the Ancient funny mentor of Goku

Wiz: Bo' Rai Cho the Drunken mentor of Liu Kang and Kung Lao and friend of Raiden

Boomstick: And Obi-Wan Kenobi the Retired mentor of Luke Skywalker He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons armour and skills to find out who would win a death battle

Master Gouken

Wiz: Long ago in Japan The brothers Gouken and Akuma were being trained by there Ancient master Goutestu in the ways of the Anasatsuken ' The Assassins fist' fighting style

Boomstick: This fighting style was focused around killing an opponent though Gouken strayed away from the dark aspects of the style becoming a master of the normal aspects of it

Wiz: However Akuma viciously trained in the style and gave into it's dark aspects becoming extremely strong and tough

Boomstick: Fueled by his power Akuma challenged Goutestu to a fight after a vicious fight Akuma was victorious Goutestu died happy that his own student had mastered the style the two brothers parted ways

Wiz: Gouken was angered by this and this started a grudge between the two brothers Gouken went into the Japanese Jungles and founded his own dojo however one day a small man in a purple gi turned up for training Gouken had A chance to prevent the fall of another warrior his time had come

Boomstick: Expect that this fighter was DAN HIBIKI THE WORST STREET FIGHTER IN THE UNIVERSE!

Wiz: Gouken soon realised Dan only wished to master the style for revenge and unwilling to see another student fall to the dark expelled Dan however soon after this Gouken came upon a baby on his dojo's doorstep Gouken adopted the boy naming him Ryu

Boomstick: Gouken trained the boy in martieux arts and soon was given Ken Masters the son of an American Company manager who was Gouken's friend to train as well

Wiz: Gouken trained them in Ansatsuken but the takeon of the style was designed for non-Murduring purposes one day Akuma turned up at the dojo and challenged his brother to a fight Gouken fought him as the boys hid themselves Akuma was defeated and fled vowing a rematch

Boomstick: Seeing that there training was complete Gouken allowed Ryu and Ken to travel the world remaining at the dojo Ryu joined the World Warrior Tornament And Akuma challenged Gouken again their fight Was brutal but Akuma eventually trumped Gouken with his raging Demon Attack and demonstrated his ability as a great Finger paint artist in the process!

Wiz: Ryu and Ken returned thinking That Gouken was dead and buried him in a grave however two years later it was discovered that he had surivived by separating his soul from his body and being stuck in a coma until he awoke

Boomstick: This is why We called this Karate Star Wars and Gouken is sounding really similar to Obi-Wan he should fight him oh wait!

Wiz: Gouken mentored Ryu and Ken in the Power of Nothingness the power he had used to survive his battle with Akuma and joined several martieux arts tournaments in his old age

Boomstick: Even in old Age Gouken was one of the most powerful martieux artists of his day and a great mentor and friend

Wiz: He was a master of the Ansatsuken fighting style and had several signature moves and projectile attacks such as his favourite move the Gohadouken a blue projectile that is much stronger than the Hadouken

Boomstick: The Tatsumaki Gorasen is a move where Gouken flies into Opponents like a helicopter and kicks them rapidly and the Senkugoshoha a move similar to Akuma's Ashura Senku and the Kongoshin a strong parry

Wiz: The Fudoshin is an Omega Move and the Hyakkashi is a powerful flip

Boomstick: He Also has some Super Moves such as the Forbidden Shoryuken a powerful move that hits you Multiple times the Shin Shoryuken an uppercut that sends Opponents rocketing sky high and the Denjin Hadouken a Hadouken that gives Opponents a nasty shock

Wiz: Gouken also has mastered the pure focused energy of the Power of the Nothingness this allows Gouken to increase his attacks protect his soul from spirit attacks and fire blue beams

Boomstick: Gouken is one of the strongest Street Fighters he is only one ever to defeat Akuma and can match and surpass even the most seasoned opponent he also managed to transport hid soul out of his body to survive the Raging Demon Attack but was in a coma for two years

Wiz: Gouken is past his prime and isn't as quick or agile as other street fighters preferring to be more focused in a fight

Boomstick: But with his mastery and skill Gouken isn't one Master to be underestimated and is one of the strongest Fighters around

Gouken: Hm.. You shall make an interesting opponent

Master Oogway

Wiz: Born over a thousand years ago in the Galapogas Islands Oogway longed for adventure as a young Tortoise he left his island to travel the world

Boomstick: Oogway went sightseeing and visited every country in the world his journey spanning several decades until finally settling down in China

Wiz: Naming the landscape the valley of Peace Oogway then invented and perfected the martieux art known as Kung Fu Oogway was admired by many of the Valley's citizens for this feat.

Boomstick: Oogway also planted the seed of the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom and founded the Jade Palace Oogway became a warrior leading armies of animals against his foes

Wiz: This is where he met his brother in arms General Kai Oogway and the General fought alongside each other in many battles however one Day Oogway was wounded and Kai carried him to the Ancient Panda village where he was healed

Boomstick: Kai grew corrupted by the power and he and Oogway fought in which Oogway banished him to the Spirit realm Oogway continued to Master Kung Fu to it's maximum potential and taught many students

Wiz: Over 400 years later Oogway discovered a young Red Panda named Shifu at his doorstep and took him in as his finest student Then twenty years later Shifu took in the Snow Leopard known as Tai Lung and he was trained to become the Legendary Dragon Warrior

Boomstick: Oogway saw darkness in the young warrior and refused to give him the Dragon Scroll this led Tai Lung to go on a rampage Shifu tried to stop him but was unable to do so Oogway then leaped at the warrior and paralyzed him

Wiz: Twenty years Oogway now well over 1000 years old decided to host the Tournament to see which Kung Fu Master would become the Dragon Warrior Oogway was about to choose one of the Furious Five a team of powerful masters when a Panda called Po fell in front of him

Boomstick: Oogway proclaimed Po as the Dragon Warrior and instructed him to keep calm and retain inner peace

Wiz: Just after the event Tai Lung broke out of prison and rushed to the valley Oogway then sensed his time had come and entered the Spirit Realm and was remembered by everyone He also fought Kai in the Spirit Realm and instructed Po while he entered it

Boomstick: Oogway being the inventor of Kung Fu was a master of the style and a formidable warrior and fighter he could take out thousands of Opponents on his own with the martieux art

Wiz: He even mastered and perfected his own variant of the style Tortoise style which is similar to Tai chi and relies on Defense and coordination above all else Oogway also could use his tough shell for Defense able to tank attacks and emerge from fights virtually unscathed

Boomstick: Oogway also could retreat into his shell if necessary and remained quite fit for being 1000 FREAKIN' YEARS OLD! and could still fight with relative ease

Wiz: He also learned Chi attacks from the Pandas and could use it to heal himself and paralyse Opponents using pressure points and shoot Chi blasts to the point of unleashing massive golden chi blasts that could level continents though this would take immense concentration and could be dodged easily

Boomstick: He could also run and keep up with much younger combatants such as Tai Lung and lift and throw rhinos with his strength and raw power

Wiz: His primary weapon was his staff which he could use to beat his way through dozens of Opponents and immobilise Opponents with it he also was a master of inner peace and always would remain concentrated and focused during the course of a battle

Boomstick: Though he has never shown these abilities it is likely Oogway could use the Wuxi Finger to send overwhelm foes and send them to the Spirit Realm and focus his Chi energy into a chi dragon that he could use to focus his attacks

Wiz: Oogway was extremely wise and fond of meditation and very calm and collected

Boomstick: Oogway has defeated Kai immobilized Tai Lung beaten armies of enemies and bandits defeated his former students survived on the brink of death for days and trained every Kung Fu master in China along with being able to become one with the Universe

Wiz: But he also is extremely lazy and old and won't get involved unless absolutely necessary he also is well past his prime and can easily tire quickly so he prefers to overwhelm his opponent quickly otherwise he will be in trouble

Boomstick: But with knowledge exeprience and fighting skill Oogway is known as the Greatest Kung Fu Master for a reason

Oogway: Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that is why it is called the present

Master Roshi

Wiz: Born in Age 430 Roshi was a budding young man wanting to become a talented martieux artist at a young age he was the first one to climb the legendary Korrin's Tower..

Boomstick: WHO WAS A SMALL TALKING CAT BUT that is totally normal!

Wiz:..Roshi trained hard under his master becoming one of the most refined martieux artists of the world and later came to protect Earth under his next master Mutatio there he fought alongside his rival and friend Shen to protect Earth

Boomstick: However when the Young King Piccolo went on a rampage Roshi and his comrades went to fight him and were all beaten Mutatio helped seal away Piccolo though died in the process

Wiz: Roshi and Shen then sealed away Piccolo in the bottom of the ocean ending his threat Roshi then eventually created the famous Kamehameha technique that was to be passed down to his pupils

Boomstick: Roshi became one of the most famous and astound martieux artist in the world and trained the Ox King and Goku's Adopted Grandpa Gohan in his techniques

Wiz: Now over Three hundred years old Roshi discovered the young Sayian Goku and gave him his Flying Nimbus and after a few adventures began to train him

Boomstick: Roshi trained Goku in using the Kamehameha and refined his basic training into that of a honed warrior Goku became his greatest student that he would teach

Wiz: Even after his training was complete Roshi still travelled with Goku and joined several martieux arts tournaments to test his skill and battle his pupil while clashing with Shen along the way

Boomstick: While Goku left the Earth to battle Alien foes Roshi mainly stayed on Earth with Goku's friends and spent his days drinking and looking at rude magazines - Roshi you naughty guy!

Wiz: Roshi would still guide Goku and give him advice throughout the warrior's adulthood and beyond

Boomstick: Roshi was one of the world's most powerful martieux artists and teachers and had many signature moves and attacks

Wiz: He could Fire ki blasts with accuracy and launch his technique the Kamehameha at opponents this beam takes a considerable amount of time to charge but nonetheless is powerful enough to smash mountains Roshi can fire this beam with a single hand rather than using two

Boomstick: Roshi can fire several versions of the blast the Orginal Kamehameha is the same as the normal one but requires several hand movements before being fired so isn't that favourable

Wiz: The MAX Kamehameha is an extremely powerful variant with enough power it can smash mountains and even moons the only problem is that it takes a huge amount of time to charge up but Is definitely worth the effort once used

Boomstick: Roshi can use the Afterimage Attack if he needs to distract Opponents and gain and advantage over them Roshi moves so fast that he leaves an image of himself behind so his opponent thinks he is still there Roshi can then Attack them from behind

Wiz: Using the Kiai technique he can fire an invisible ki blast that can prove to be very powerful if an opponent is hit with it Roshi used this to defeat Yamcha Roshi can also read minds hypnotise and send enemies to sleep

Boomstick: Roshi also can bust out his most powerful attacks the Thunder Shock Surprise which electrocutes a foe and traps them in an electrical bubble because of the hazardness of the form Roshi only uses as a last resort

Wiz: Roshi can also use the Evil Containment Wave to grab an opponent and force their spirit into a destination the only problem is that this technique can only be used on one person and sacrifices the users life in the process

Boomstick: Roshi also has his martieux arts techniques his Jan Ken is an attack where the user first punches an opponent then pokes them in the eyes and hits them with an open palm strike like a Rock Paper Scissors movement Roshi also can confuse enemies with his drunken fist style causing then to become unbalanced and then allow him to attack them

Wiz: Roshi can also subdue opponents with pressure points and sense power levels of others


Wiz: In his full power form Roshi receives a massive increase in muscle and strength he also can fire the powerful God Kamehameha in this form although the form does sacrifice speed and leaves Roshi as a massive target so he Doesn't use it that often

Boomstick: Roshi has destroyed mountains and castles with his Kamehamehas beaten Yamcha in a fight and matched a Young Goku impersonated Jackie Chan put out massive fires and destroyed an entire moon

Wiz: But Roshi is a coward and most of his attacks take a long time to charge leaving him open and his most powerful attacks also have consequences if he uses them he also is quite lazy and rarely fights anyone anymore and often is drunk or smoking leaving him unhealthy

Boomstick: But with his fighting skill and powerful techniques Roshi is not to be trifled with!

Master Roshi: If flesh and blood were as strong as pride we'd be invincible

Bo' Rai Cho

Wiz: Bo' Rai Cho was born in Outworld several decades ago he always wanted to become a martieux arts master

Boomstick: After years of training Bo became Outworld's most skilled martieux artist however feared the power of Outworld's Ruler Shao Kahn and fled to Earthrealm

Wiz: Bo decided to use his skills to train a Young warrior named Liu Kang in the ways of the Drunken Fist Bo's master martieux art Liu Kang became a powerful student and decided to fight Shao Kahn and his forces

Boomstick: Liu Kang fought against Kahn several times and got in his ways Kang was secretly mentored by Bo without Kahn's knowledge Bo also became a friend of Raiden

Wiz: However in despite of his skill Kang was killed by The sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsuang Bo then picked out a Shaolin Monk Kung Lao as his next pupil and trained him to become the next champion

Boomstick: While Training Lao to slay Shang Kang returned and Bo joined the heroes in a raid on Outworld freeing several outlanders in the process including Li Mei from Tsuang

Wiz: Though he fought valiantly Bo was eventually killed in the battle of Armageddon though was brought back after Raiden reversed time

Boomstik: Bo is known for being one of the most talented and gifted martieux artists of his time and was a master of fighing

Wiz: His fighting style known as the Drunken Fist is a interesting style focusing on imitating the moves of a drunken man and is very unpredictable and whlie the style is very acrobatic Bo is still able to pull off flips and kicks despite his age

Boomstick: The style also requires the usage of the whole body which Bo does with ease alongside using his arms legs to Attack foes and stomping on the ground to create earthquakes and shock waves to unbalance foes

Wiz: He can perform the Monkey Flips flipping towards an opponent while hitting them and Attack foes with his Belly Bash where he charges at the opponent knocks them to the ground and squashes them with his belly bouncing off of them

Boomstick: Now we get on to Smelly bits!

Wiz: Bo is an extreme Alcoholic he is addicted to drinking but this somehow aids his fighting style he can vomit on the floor causing his opponent to slide towards him then get a free hit off of them he can also fart at foes and release a cloud of toxic gas at foes that causes them to cough

Boomstick: That's nasty !

Wiz: Bo can also breathe fire from his mouth and ram Opponents by headbutting them he can also Attack enemies with his cane but he has some grim fatalities

Boomstick: He can belly flop an opponent so hard they are crushed under his weight fart on his opponent then pull out a torch to light the opponent on fire and shove a jug of wine into the Opponent's mouth so that they choke then throw a match into them causing them to explode !

Wiz: He can also breathe alcohol into a torch creating a flamethrower effect and burning them or cause an opponent to vomit so hard from his jug that they vomit up their intestines and Bo then tramples on them I hate Fatalities!

Boomstick: Bo has trained Kung Lao and Liu Kang to become master champions somehow ! , become Outworld's most skilled martieux artist snuck in and rescued Li Mei and has matched even the most powerful martieux artists in combat

Wiz: But Bo is constantly drunk and why this makes him unpredictable this means his fighting style is quite sloppy and clumsy he also is very obese and isn't that fast or agile Bo is past his prime and still quite old

Boomstick: But with his fighting skill and unpredictable Bo is a powerful fighter!

Bo: I train my most promising students here at my home, away from prying eyes, to assure that my secrets are only known to those I trust.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Wiz: Born in the year 57bby on the Planet Stewjon Obi-Wan Kenobi was taken as a toddler to Corcusant to be trained as a Jedi Knight

Boomstick: Obi-Wan became an excitable child having a fascination for space travel and was a brash and confident youngling However all Jedi Knights ignored him deeming him too aggressive for training

Wiz: Until one day Qui-Gon saw the youngling in a sparring match he at first dismissed Kenobi as all other masters had until they were both sent to a mining colony which turned out to be a trap

Boomstick: The two were forced to work together to undermine the plot of Jinn's former pupil Xanatos and grew close Qui-Gon then took him on as his apprentice in 44bby

Wiz: The two went on many missions together fighting to solve many conflicts including a dispute on Mandalore where Kenobi was tasked to protect Duchess Satine the two fell in love but Obi-Wan ws forced to leave once the conflict was over

Boomstick: 'Cries into a Tissue then hides it ' Oh What you didn't see anything Anyway Obi-Wan eventually helped Qui-Gon defeat Xanatos and went on further missions with him becoming a fully fledged young man

Wiz: In 32bby Obi-Wan was sent along with his master to aid Queen Amidala in the Naboo Crisis in which Jinn found the promising Jedi pupil Anakin Skywalker However Jinn and Obi-Wan were forced to fight the Sith Lord Darth Maul during the Battle of Naboo

Boomstick: The two fought valiantly but Obi-Wan was separated and Jinn was killed Obi-Wan in rage attacked Maul and the two were evenly matched until Kenobi was left dangling on The edge of a pit

Wiz: Obi-Wan stretched out with the force grabbing his lightsaber and cutting the Sith Lord in two however Maul would survive this encounter Obi-Wan was made a Jedi Knight

Boomstick: Honoring his Masters last wish he trained Anakin Skywalker over the next decade becoming stronger with the force and going on many missions with him EVENTHOUGH HE TURNED OUT TO BE A JERK!

Wiz: Obi-Wan ten years later went on a mission to track down the bounty hunter Jango Fett who had tried to Assainate Padme Amidala and tracked him down to the Planet Geonosis and particped in the battle of the Planet

Boomstick: Obi-Wan fought the Sith Lord Count Dooku and was defeated and was forced to fight in the Clone Wars

Wiz: Becoming a General Obi-Wan fought in many battles and won most of them while fighting off Count Dooku Durge Ventress General Grevious and engaged Darth Maul several times and Satine was killed by him though Obi-Wan put it behind him

Boomstick: At the end of the War Obi-Wan recused the Chancellor Palpatine and Anakin killed Count Dooku then Obi-Wan tracked down and killed General Grevious though soon was attacked by his own troopers

Wiz: Escaping the attack Obi-Wan found out that Anakin had turned to the Dark Side and become the Sith Lord Darth Vader under Palpatine who was in fact the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious Obi-Wan was forced to track down his friend and Injured him greatly though he surivived

Boomstick: That sounds familar! Obi-Wan delivered Anakin's son Luke to his uncle Owen and Aunt Beru and secretly watched over him on the Planet Tationee Twenty years later an old Obi-Wan now known as Ben joined Luke in an expedition to Alderaan which turned out to be a rescue mission to the Death Star

Wiz: While on the Station Ben deactivated the Stations Magnatic Pull so that Luke and his friends could escape however he ended up having a run in with Vader now a enhanced cyborg the two fought each other again and Obi-Wan gave up his life to insure Luke would escape Ben would continue to guide Luke as a Force Spirit for many years

Boomstick: Although he was Old Ben was a formidable Jedi and fighter still retained much of his wisdom and abilities although Ben had lost much of effectiveness as a lightsaber duelist he still was pretty strong

Wiz: While Kenobi originally specialised in Form IV Ataru which was the most physically demanding of the forms his old age had made inable to use it instead opting for Form I Shi-Cho The most basic lightsaber style of them all

Boomstick: Shi-Cho was very basic it taught the user the basics of blocking parrying and attacking it was based around letting the fight guide you in your attacks while it isn't great for battling single Opponents it is excellent for fighting multiple though Ben refined the style so that single combat wasn't a problem

Wiz: Ben's personal takeon of the form would rely on making quick and precise slashes and hammering at an Opponent's guard and taking advantage of any weaknesses or exposed flanks Ben can exploit which left Vader on the defence for the majority of the fight Ben also was skilled in defence as well

Boomstick: Despite lacking anyone to fight and spar with Kenobi retained his knowledge of Form III through regular practice Form III was the most defensive of the style and was designed to reflect projectiles and block lightsaber blows with ease

Wiz: Kenobi was able to endure the hammerings of Darth Vader for a fairly long period of time something that even the most powerful Council Members failed to accomplish he also was skilled in deflecting blaster bolts and attacks

Boomstick: Ben could also take on and best multiple Opponents at once but Kenobi was a master of the Force even into Old Age

Wiz: Ben could use the Force to increase his strength and speed to keep up with Darth Vader and although he wasn't nearly as acrobatic Ben could still pull off twirls and keep his footwork and movements precise and quick

Boomstick: He could do this at Blinding Speeds even in Old Age and was capable of keeping up a heated duel with a younger opponent

Wiz: While he hasn't shown this abklity recently Ben likley retained his mastery of telkenisis able to toss and throw objects and knock people with Force Pushes sending them flying

Boomstick: He also was very skilled with the Mind Trick opponent able to control the minds of weak-minded opponents and control their actions and movements

Wiz: Ben was proficient in realising noises and sounds that he had heard in order to scare and frighten his opponents and was capable in the Healing Arts and could heal his own wounds and those of others he also could release powerful waves of Force Energy from his body that would greatly damage Opponents though would leave Kenobi tired and exhausted

Boomstick: As Obi-Wan he was defeated General Grevious several times beaten Ventress and chopped Darth Maul in two and beaten him twice defeated Maul's brother Savage and beaten Darth Vader by chopping off his remaining limbs and as Old Ben he has defeated the Jedi A'Sharad Hett tricked multiple Stormtroopers fought off many Tusken Raiders and fought Darth Vader

Wiz: However Ben was old and Eventhough he was only 57 years old his war wounds had caught up to him and he wasn't as proficient in Lightsaber Combat or Force Abilities also if An opponent is strong enough to break through Kenobi's guard he is going to be left scrambling and not sure of what to accomplish in the fight

Boomstick: However With his Fighting Skill and Great Knowledge Ben was still one of the most capable fighters in the galaxy

Darth Vader: I've been waiting for you Obi-Wan we meet again at last the circle is now complete when I left you I was but the learner now I am the Master!

Ben: Your only a master of evil Darth!

Pre-Death Battle

Wiz: All right the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle

On a green plain Master Roshi had gathered the Seven Dragon Balls and was about to wish for Increased Strength when suddenly an old Turtle walks towards him

Roshi: What who are you?

Oogway: I am Master Oogway ruler of The Valley of Peace I have come to retrieve the Dragon Balls to ensure eternal peace for the valley

Roshi: No way I discovered these Dragon Balls first I get to use them!

Ben: Actually those Dragon Balls would greatly increase my Jedi wisdom I could use them

Gouken: Those Dragon Balls would greatly inhance my fighting ability I can use them

Bo: I need those Dragon Balls to infinitely increase my ale so I'll take them

Roshi: Enough those Dragon Balls are mine if you gends want them you will have to fight for them!

Roshi gets into a combat postion

Oogway: If we must fight I will make this as painless as I can

Ben: As you wish though I am not a fan of such disputes

Ben gets out his lightsaber

Bo: Well if you want a good fight I shall glady give you one

Gouken: You will all make interesting Opponents

The Masters all get into combat positions ready to battle as they stare at each other intensly and with great focus


Bo leaps at Gouken and whacks him with his staff Oogway and Roshi lunge at each other and begin exchanging blows Roshi fires at ki blast at Oogway who dodges to the side kicking Roshi in the chest Ben watches the engagement but dives in cross cutting for Oogway's throat the aged turtle ducks out of the way

Gouken and Bo Attack each other Bo smacks him with his staff and tries to floor Gouken with his belly bash but the master jabs Bo in the stomach knocking him back with a Hadouken and shooting these projectiles at Bo Oogway then fights Ben trying to break open his guard with his staff but the Jedi's Defense remains strong

Oogway: A Powerful one you are

Ben: As are you but I will settle this now

As the two masters clash Roshi cups his hands together preparing to fire a Kamehameha at the both of them the two masters stop their engagement momentarily to see Roshi fire the blue beam towards them Ben ducks to the side and steps towards Roshi and Bo swinging his blade towards both of them Oogway is caught head on by the blast receiving some damage but blocking with his staff

The staff begins to receive damage from the blast However Kenobi slashes Roshi's arm causing him to break off the Attack and with another hack slashes Bo's back Roshi and Bo both hammer at Kenobi but the master blocks most of their attacks suddenly Ben is hit with Bo's staff and momentarily unbalanced

Bo strikes him in the chest but the Jedi whacks him with his hilt Roshi tries to Attack them with ki blasts but Kenobi blocks them Bo then vomits at Roshi who gets annoyed and tries to hit Bo with his Jan Ken but slips allowing Bo to front flip into him Kenobi gains his composure and sends the two masters flying with a force push knocking them into a tree while he observes the other fighter

Bo: You are strong Opponents but I will stop you

Roshi: As if I'll be taking those Dragon Balls today!

Meanwhile Gouken and Oogway Attack each other viciously Gouken hits Oogway with the Fudoshin but the Master mostly blocks the attack jabbing Gouken in the arm paralysing it momentarily Oogway uppercutted Gouken and barrels into him with his shell Gouken then flies into Oogway's neck with the Tatsumaki Sorasen whacking him with his foot

Oogway is knocked to the floor Gouken regains control of his arm and shoots another Gohadouken at Oogway who shoots a chi blast in return and flips into the air whacking Gouken with his staff Roshi then then fires the MAX Kamehameha Kenobi Ducks Bo slips on his own vomit and falls to the floor ducking under the attack which oblliterates a mountain

Bo runs in attacking Oogway while Gouken attacks Ben while keeping an eye on Roshi Gouken tries to attack Ben with a Fudoshin but the Jedi blocks it keeping Gouken at a distance Gouken then fires a Gohadouken at Roshi who uses his Afterimage technique Leaving an image behind

The Masters shoot projectiles at the image but they pass right through it staring in shock the masters look on

Gouken: Where did he go

Ben: He vanished into thin air a complete mystery...

Roshi: I'm right here gents

Roshi jabs Gouken and Ben from behind momentarily disabling them with pressure points the masters fall to the ground Kenobi Sends Roshi with flying with a force push Meanwhile Bo and Oogway Attack each other viciously The two lock staffs trying to gain an advantage over one another

Bo suddenly turns around lights a torch and farts at Oogway injuring him Oogway holds his nose while Bo laughs headbutting the master and trying to force his jug down the turtle's throat Oogway smacks the jug aside it smashing on the ground

Bo: What how dare you you'll pay for this you stupid turtle

Oogway: Your Rage and Rear end do not phase me

Bo attacks Oogway viciously bashing him with his belly and punching him Oogway focuses his energy inwards letting out a massive golden blast of Chi Energy then cuts right through Bo chopping him in two and levelling a forest the Masters stop their engagements and dodge

Bo: Aah no!!

Bo's two Halfs slump to the ground


Oogway catches his breath while Gouken moves towards him at blinding speed attacking Oogway with a Fudoshin and a Senkugoshoha Oogway is hit his shell slightly cracked blood begins to leak slightly from His chest Gouken tries to finish off Oogway with a Foribidden Shoruyken But the Master throws his staff still Gouken like a javelin the old man being flung back colliding with Roshi

Ben is hit by Gouken as he slides past him slashing his chest with his lightsaber Roshi and Gouken get up and start viciously attacking one another Gouken hits Roshi with a Fudoshin and Roshi hits Gouken by punching him in the gut then poking his eyes and slapping him with his palm with his Jan Ken move

Gouken: Gah I'm not beaten just yet

Gouken focuses his power his pupils becoming white and a blue aura appearing around him Activating the power of Nothingness Roshi marvels at the form shooting an invisible projectile at Gouken hitting him in the back Gouken the fires up a Denjin Gohadouken which Roshi intercepts with a Ki blast

Roshi: That was easy .. Gah

Roshi is suddenly hit by three incoming Gohadokens Gouken then uppercuts Roshi into the air with the Shin Shoruyken Oogway and Ben Attack each other Oogway managing to dodge most of Ben's strikes while shooting Chi blasts at him which Ben deflects with ease

Gouken looks up into the sky gasping for breath until he suddenly sees a massive blue beam rocket towards him from the sky Gouken fires up a beam to intercept the attack and the two enter a massive beam struggle the beams crackling and sparking suddenly Roshi's Kamehameha rockets towards Gouken the old master exhausted accepts his fate

Gouken: Farewell my students this has been a worthy fight

The Kamehameha hits the ground causing a massive explosion Ben and Oogway look on as Roshi falls to the ground but quickly gets back up a massive crater is seen but Gouken is nowhere to be seen


Ben attacks Oogway and Roshi cross cutting for Oogway's throat the turtle dodges but is singed on the knee unable to retain his flip he falls to the ground in pain While Roshi's beard is cut shorter by Kenobi's blade Ben then sends him back with a force push

Roshi: Hey I didn't order a haircut I want a refund !

Ben: Huh i am not bothered by your trivial remarkes

Oogway Leaps at Ben from behind knocking the saber out his hand with his staff and jabbing his shoulder with his Finger tempararilly paralyzing his right arm Kenobi grabs Oogway with force throwing him through a tree the Master flips around banging his staff on the ground creating a shockwave that stuns Roshi

Kenobi gains control of his arm and grabs his lightsaber with the force trying to attack Roshi who again creates his afterimage Attack but Kenobi quickly turns around knocking Roshi aside before he can unleash another attack

Oogway: I will end this pointless engagement soon my Opponents

Roshi: That's what you think but you aren't as focused in your style as me

Oogway: We will see who is the better fighter

Ben: I have only begun to fight this will be interesting

All three masters leap at each other Oogway and Roshi grab their staffs Obi-Wan brandishes his lightsaber the two fire chi blasts and ki blasts and are all hit by each other's attacks the three wack each other with their weapons Slashing each other Roshi shoots two powerful ki blasts knocking the other two the ground

Roshi falls flat on his face and Ben and Oogway get up Oogway focuses his chi into a Dragon launching at The other two at a rapid pace Ben tries to push the Dragon aside with the force but a Kiai blast from Roshi causes him to be hit by the Dragon and knocked back

Roshi fires several ki blasts and punches Oogway who releases his energy into a giant Chi blast Roshi launches a Kamehameha to intercept the blast Oogway turns round to see Ben's saber slash him across the gut Oogway falls back and is oblterated by a Kamehameha

Oogway: Inner Peace


Ben and Roshi stare at each other and Attack each other viciously Lunging at each other Roshi kicks Ben who stumbles back but responds with a force push Knocking Roshi back who shoots several ki blasts which Kenobi intercepts

Ben then attacks Roshi slashing his arm the master yells but pokes Kenobi in the eyes then punches him again Roshi fires a Kamehameha which Kenobi absorbs with his lightsaber Roshi stands back ready to fire another blast

Ben: We shall finish this soon

Roshi: Yes we finsh this now

Roshi's muscle mass increases as he reaches his full power form Kenobi looks on startled Trying to slash Roshi the master ducks and headbutts Kenobi then falls back Roshi fires the Thunder Shock Surprise and Kenobi begins to be shocked rapidly

However a massive blast is released Kenobi destroyes the electrical wall with a huge force blast and Roshi is electrocuted himself he fires several Ki blasts and Kiai techniques but Kenobi manages to block them Roshi then fires up a MAX Kamehameha that rocket's towards Kenobi however intercepting it with the force Kenobi deflects the blast back which hits Roshi

Roshi is hit and falls to ground dying his body falling on the floor

Roshi: No well I did my best to earn those Dragon Balls .. Ugh

Kenobi walks towards the Dragon Balls and picks them up

Ben: great warriors have been lost today such an uncivilised conflict could have been avoided


Ben walks away from the scence covering up Roshi and Bo's body's in respect



Boomstick: Wow that was extreme these guys were powerful!

Wiz: This battle was very close and extreme which is why the battle lasted so long but Old Ben claims victory for a number of reasons

Boomstick: They all started out the battle testing each of the masters power and seeing who was the strongest and who was the weakest that they could take advantage of While Kenobi may have been he brunt of much of the fight his Defence allowed him to deflect and redirect the attacks

Wiz: With their attentions diverted The Masters would try to pick out another opponent Bo was the first to go down due to his drunkeness leaving him such a target he may be a skilled fighter but he isn't as old or experienced as the others so he was taken down first

Boomstick: Gouken would go down next due to the fact that he wouldn't be able to contend and block the powerful moves of the remaining masters or break their guard now Gouken is tough he has beaten his brother an Island Buster Akuma but he just can't take the other masters down even with the Power of Nothingness

Wiz: Oogway would go down next while the Master is very strong his stamina is very limited and once he tired he became an obvious target for the other two masters Oogway's shell may be tough but it can only take so much abuse and once Oogway was exposed the other masters didn't hesitate to defeat him

Boomstick: Then came the battle between Roshi and Ben which was very close and brief but Ben takes due to the fact that his defence is far too strong for Roshi to get through even if Roshi threw up a massive Kamehameha Ben could probably absorb the energy with his lightsaber or deflect it with the force

Wiz: Most of Roshi's ki attacks are very exhausted and come with a hazard that will affect Roshi if he uses it Roshi almost never fights anymore only occasionally participating in a martieux arts Tornament and while The same can be said for Ben but he was able to hold his ground and give Vader a hard time some so that Vader even commented that if he diverted his attention Ben could kill him in an instant

Boomstick: Roshi however may be able to destroy moons but this takes an enormous amount of time to pull off Roshi has been shown as weak as not being able to move from ropes that were bounding him and his attacks are very draining and can be dodged easily

Wiz: Kenobi's style worked perfectly throughout this fight using Shi-Cho to hack and cut multiple Opponents then using Force pushes and strong sword work to dazzle Roshi and leave him weakened even Roshi in his full power form can't take Kenobi's abuse it was way too slow to dodge Roshi's redirected Kamehameha which was too much for him to handle

Boomstick: Gouken Bo Oogway and Roshi were just Forced to lose this fight!

Wiz: The Winner is Obi-Wan Kenobi

Advantages and Disadvantages

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Winner

+ The Force gave him an edge against the others

+ Defence and swordplay allowed him to take all of the other Opponents' attacks

- Wasn't as quick

- Wasn't as tough

Master Roshi: Loser

+ Had the Strongest Attacks

+ Was the most experienced

- Attacks were Very draining

- Was quite slow compared to the others

Gouken: Loser

+ Was the best martieux artist

+ Protectile attacks and Power of Nothingness gave him an edge

- Wasn't as powerful as the others

- Couldn't block and redirect attacks as easily as the other combatants leaving him exposed

Oogway: Loser

+ Was the fastest

+ Was the smartest and had the most arsenal

- Stamina was lacking

- Attacks left him exposed

Bo' Rai Cho: Loser

+ Youngest combatant and had the most energy

+ Fighting style made him realtivly unpredictable

- Wasn't as strong as the other combatants

- Drunkeness and obesity left him open to attacks


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