Who would win between Kizaru and Katakuri

@gateofbabylon: To be fair, she no-sold a very shitty

King Kong Gun from a Luffy who has been fighting for 2 days straight (including beating one of the commanders) and after being beaten badly by Sanji, so the power behind that KKG isn’t building busting level by far. He even deflates out of gear 4 after that KKG and had to be carried away by Sanji (probily because he had absolutly no stamina left). Also, Akainu’s attacks are different from Luffy’s attacks since Luffy’s are mostly punches, kicks and headbutts, while Akainu’s are lava-based attacks. Big Mom has shown zero durability feats against heat attacks.

Big Mom’s durability is often overrated on the vine. Just because she hasn’t been majorly injured yet doesn’t mean people like Akainu can’t hurt her. We even saw her whole family worried when she fell of the whole cake chateau, afraid she’ll die of the fall. Same thing with the poison rocketlauncher made by Caesar. Such small things kind of show the limits of her durability and that she’s nowhere near as durable as, for example, Kaido, who jumps of sky islands for fun (which are way higher than the whole cake chateau).

I believe Big Mom’s strength mostly comes from her Devilfruit, which is pretty OP against most people in the One Piece universe. However, from what we’ve seen, her Devilfruit doesn’t work on people who are not afraid to die. Akainu isn’t exactly the type of guy who fears dead himself, so she has to rely on her own physical abilities. Her physical feats are non-existent so far, but the way she relies on Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon so much shows that it probily isn’t that impressive.

Her speed feats are also not very impressive, since a bloodlusted Big Mom had a hard time catching up to the Strawhats.

Now I’m not saying Akainu wins this fight. Infact I probily root for Big Mom since she has Prometheus and Zeus in this fight which basicly makes this a 3 vs 1, but to that Big Mom wins for sure against a fresh Akainu isn’t really fair for Akainu based on feats, showings, hype and statements.