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Best Cymbals, Best Cymbal Set & Best Cymbal Brands

Cymbals are unique and essential instruments that add color to your music. There are various kinds of cymbals and each of them has a unique function and sound quality. Any drum kit that doesn’t have a set of cymbals attached isn’t complete.

Cymbals add tonal color to your drum. Most drum kits often, especially starter kits, come with cymbals attached. Some cymbals can be used to add effects. It will be worth it getting to know the type of cymbal that are available, their functions and the kind of sound they produce.

A Jazz drummer will prefer a very different cymbal arrays from those that will suit a drummer who plays for a metal or hard rock band. One very good tip is to check out the cymbal setups of your best-loved drummer. You may not be able to get every component of their cymbal choices, but it will give you a clue on what you need to do.

When you’ve identified the right cymbals for your drum kit, you can walk into a shop and purchase the models that suit your budget. Just like every other thing, you get what you pay for if your buying cymbals.

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Below are some of the best cymbal set/pack and the cymbal that being sold individually on Amazon.

Top Cymbal Packs

What are the Best Cymbals?

Here are some great choices. Please take note to identify the cymbal types to make sure it suits your needs.

Here are some of the common and popular cymbal types today:

Premium cymbals are produced with more expensive materials and involve a lot of hand work. However, that is not to say cheaper cymbals can’t deliver. You might be surprised about what some lower-priced cymbals can do. You can get a cymbal with a really good bargain that is within your budget.

25 Best Cymbals, 5 Best Cymbal Sets and the Best Cymbal Brands

This guide will help you know what cymbals that you need for your drums, music, and budget. These products have been carefully selected after proper review by our professionals.

5 Best Cymbal Packs/Sets

If you need a complete set of cymbal, here are some good cymbal pack for the money. 

25 Best Cymbals from the Different Cymbal Types and Brands

There are many cymbal types that included in this list. Please make sure you know the cymbal type you would like to choose. These include Crash Cymbals, Hi-Hat Cymbals, Ride Cymbal, Clash Cymbal and the China Cymbal.

1) Meinl Cymbals HCS-SCS1 Ultimate HCS Cymbal Box Set Pack with FREE 16-Inch Trash Crash

Perfect for both purposes either as a splash or as a crash. It depends on the kind of music you are performing.

Ultimate HCS Cymbal Box Set Pack is a fantastic purchase. Looks a little dark for some people but they sound great when you use it to record your music. A product that has that traditional touch that Meinl always gives to all its cymbals.

It is an all inclusive set which includes, the Meinl HCS Ultimate Set includes a 14″ hi-hat pair, 20″ ride, 14″ crash, 16″ crash, 18″ crash, 14″ china, 8″ bell, 10″ splash, including a FREE 16″ trash crash. Ultimate HCS Set Pack cymbal is produced with a durable brass alloy, made in Germany and has an official two year Meinl warranty.

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2) Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set

K Custom Hybrid Cymbal Set has the features of a modern K Voice and designed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo. This hybrid cymbal is a combination of brightness and darkness which makes it perfect for any type of music.

This set of cymbals has that unique 14-1/4” K Custom Hybrid Hi Hats. They are known to retain the precision of 14” hats and also gives you an additional power and cut like 15” hats. The 21” K Custom Hybrid Ride is a combination of both brilliance and darkness.

17” K Customs gives you the clear and clean sound that every musician wants to hear. It’s a perfect combination of bright and dark sound. The product is popular in the market. This ride keeps you in a high spirit when you are on the drums.

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3) Sabian SBR Performance Pack with 14-Inch Hat, 16-Inch Crash, and 20-Inch Ride Cymbals

SBR Performance Pack has all the qualities and sizes that a beginner drummer will need. This cymbal has its logo well crested on it even when it’s a starter pack, in turn, adds more credibility to the product.

Other manufacturers will not be will to crest their logo on starter packs. They are high-pressure hammered cymbals that produce excellent sound, with the perfect volume to suit any performance. If you are getting a cymbal for the first time, this cymbal will encourage you drive and passion.

Gives you that tight sound that can only be produced by a Sabian Brass cymbal. Designed to meet the need of smart drummers and in a class of its own. SBR makes your first step into the world of cymbals sweet. It is protected by Sabian one-year warranty.

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4) Sabian 25005XXP AA X-plosion Performance Set With Free 18-Inch Crash

This is a perfect choice for any professional drummer. Manufacturers of Sabian cymbals hand picked and sonically matched this product. If you took a break from drumming, this cymbal will ignite your passion for the art.

Sounds pretty cool and doesn’t produce a broken sound. The cymbal is good for any genre of music. It’s also among the popular cymbal lines of Sabian products. This cymbal also has a pair of 14” stage hi hats and 16” X-Plosion crash. Also, has a 14″ Stage Hats – 16″ Xplosion Crash and 20″ Stage Ride – FREE 18″ Xplosion Crash. This cymbal is made in Canada. Every purchase is protected by Sabian two-year warranty.

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5) Meinl Cymbals CCD460+18 Classics Custom Dark Pack Bonus Cymbal Box Set 

This cymbal is truly amazing with a very crisp and tight hi hat. TA product with a dark undertone when they are open and a sweet dry ring and decay when they are closed. The sound produced by the crash are aggressive, dark and has a wonderful decay.

Meinl also did not fail their fans when they brought in such a wonderful product into the market. It has that same unique traditional design. Among the Classic custom, Dark Bonus pack are 14″ dark hi hat pair, a 16″ dark crash, and a 20″ dark ride with a bonus FREE 18″ dark crash.

The dark finish adds an earthy growl and clarity. Comes with an official two year Meinl warranty.

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1) Zildjian A Series 13″ New Beat Hi Hat Cymbal Pair

The A Series Hi-Hat Pair are among the best-selling cymbals in the market. They are produced with cast bronze alloy of about 80 percent copper, 20 percent tin, and a small amount of silver.

It is a symmetrical cymbal produced with a traditional wide groove. The end product is a luxuriant cymbal that produces a classic sound that is pure, bright, and expressive.

A Series is immortal with a unique and appealing sound. If you have these set of cymbals you may not have the need for any other product. It will suit any gig, studio or live recording of any type of music. Expect a bright and clean sound. Every touch is explosive, very responsive and has a traditional finish.

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2) Sabian 21-Inch HH Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal

Delivers a dark, simmering response with every touch. Each sound is defined by the volume of touch you exert. It has a brilliant finish. The product produces a warm and emotional sound.

HH Raw Bell like the coming together of a complex sound that ends up producing a warm and clean sound. You don’t need to hit it very hard to get the result you need. HH Raw Bell cymbal produces a high-definition sound. The sound is clean and clear without sounding broken.

There is always this warm feeling that is gotten when you hit or touch this cymbal. HH Raw Bell is protected by Sabian two-year warranty. Just requires a little effort to produce a sound that will be pleasant to any ear.

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3) Meinl Cymbals CC12TRS-B Classics Custom 12-Inch Brilliant Trash Splash

This a classic 12” Custom trash splash that gives you that responsiveness, short sustain, medium-bright sound because of the holes drilled in between. If you love making quick accents while playing then this is the cymbal for you.

Classics Custom 12-Inch cymbal adds some amount of sound effect to your play. This cymbal is made in Germany and it is uniquely designed with B10 bronze. Produces a sharp sound with a precise attack. The holes help to dry out the sound quickly and it has an official two year Meinl warranty.

A trash splash cymbal with a popular appeal and also suitable for any kind of music. You can combine it with other splash cymbals to produce a remarkable effect. Truly a good purchase with a very good finish despite the holes.

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4) Sabian 14 Inch AAX Stage Hats

Sabian14 inch AAX is for an instrumentalist that likes crystal clear sound. This cymbal has a streamlined design which produces the sensational sound that you are looking for.

If you tap this cymbal with your finger or play this with a stick, it will still produce a melodious sound. Sabian14 inch AAX ensures that your sound is pure and accurate. This cymbal will brighten up your stage performance. You can use it for your studio and live recordings. It’s a must have for a musician, an extremely responsive hi hat perfect for stage settings.

AAX produces bright, clear, and modern Bright sounds. AAX responds to every touch with the right and accurate volume at all times. Sabian offers you two-year Warranty when you buy this product with a sleek finish.

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5) Meinl Cymbals B18CH-B Byzance 18-Inch Brilliant China Cymbal

Byzance 18-Inch was designed with that old technique of producing hammered Turkish cymbal. When you tap it with your stick it produces a “cha” sound that is purified and undistorted.

It will give your music that lifts when it’s time to dig in deep. Byzance cymbals are what you need for that big concert. They show the audience that you’re experienced and modern music. Expect a traditional finish with a modern touch. You can use it for live recordings and studio recordings.

Sounds perfect for any type of music. It has a warm attack with dark tones and a two year Meinl warranty. A piece that is highly sought after in the market because of the unique sound that melts into the mix.

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6) Zildjian A Custom 18″ Medium Crash Cymbal

This is among the heaviest of all the A Custom Crashes with an acute, attack and a high pitched cymbal sound. A Custom 18” is a brilliant and musical production. It has unique a brilliant finish, a large cup, and a heavy weight.

Offers the drummer light, musical accents to loud and cutting punctuation. They are truly a drummer’s choice because of the following outstanding qualities. It’s bright, sensitive, and refined.

A Custom 18” has traditional Zildjian 80/20 Copper/Tin Alloy made with traces of Silver. They have a modern rotary hammering for cymbals. They are the heaviest custom weight cymbals in the market with an intelligent finish, alignment, and a reasonably loud volume. A Custom cymbals that has the perfect sustain for any kind of music.

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7) Sabian AA 18 Inch Medium Crash

AA 18 cymbal is known for its aggressive attack, loud and it has a reasonably high volume. The Sabian AA 18 Inch can be your flagship among you fleet of cymbals. It crashes properly and also rides very well.

It depends on the volume you want to play on, it can play both on low and high volume effectively. Most drummers wouldn’t mind having just this cymbal on their drum kit because of its unique features.

When you crash it on the edge, it produces a loud and resilient sound. This will be the best choice for anyone who likes crash riding a lot. AA 18 is a good cymbal when you need to produce a very high-volume playing. It’s a full and perfectly aggressive cymbal. Produces the perfect sound for modern day players with a nice finish.

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8) Meinl Cymbals MB20-20HC-B 20-Inch Brilliant Finish Heavy Crash Cymbal

Meinl cymbals MB20 is produced with state of the art materials, the perfect craftsmanship, and strength. It produces an aggressive and robust sound which is perfect for any kind of music.

They are heavy cymbals that meet all the requirements of today’s hard hitting drummer. Rock and metal drummers will enjoy playing with this cymbals. MB20 cymbal was chosen to be on this list because of it captivating features.

The perfect choice for a drummer any day any time. Made of quality bronze Alloy and it’s one of the cymbals that is Hand hammered into shape. Drummers get that modern feeling they are looking for. Meinl cymbals have a rough but superb finish.

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9) Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi Hat BOTTOM, 13″ 

Paiste Signature hi hat has a very thick bottom and thin top cymbal. It sounds full and tight. When you touch it with your finger or stick, expect a warm sound that is full.

Perfect choice for a jazz stuff and sounds perfect when crash- riding. It gives you an edge when you have this cymbal among your kit. You can also use it for any acoustic setting. Paiste Signature hi hat sounds very good on any genre of music. It’s an amazing and a big cymbal with long and nice low sound.

The first version of this cymbal is transparent, delicate and has a sensitive tone. They’re good for recording live shows, with a good finish, very articulate and versatile.

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10) Meinl Cymbals MB20-14HSW-B 14-Inch Brilliant Finish Heavy Soundwave Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair

MB20-14HSW-B 14-Inch is designed for loud music. They produce a heavier sound compared to other cymbals in the market. The sound is dominant, enduring with an aggressive, powerful and clean sound.

The sound it produces penetrates through the ear and cools the heart. Indeed an amazing cymbal that every drummer or musician needs to have. Heavy hitters will love this cymbal because it hardly dents or cracks. When you hit it, expect a fading sound, unlike others that produce a broken.

Made with a bronze Alloy and hand hammered into shape. This set gives every musician the sound they want to hear. Any genre of music can use because every touch produces a unique feeling.

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11) Zildjian K Custom 20″ Dry Ride Cymbal

K Custom 20” produces a beautiful with some dry undertones, extremely unlathed and unpolished. These cymbals are produced to give you that volume that will suit whatever music you to play. It has very sharp cut and a quick attack.

These set of cymbals have a good killer bell, ping, and overtones. To put it nicely, it produces an incredible sound. It takes a good musician no time to know that he has made the right choice.

K Custom 20″ has good dry stick sound. The sound is little but dry nice undertones. Expect that sweet finish with an unlathed, unpolished top and bottom. It’s designed with a copper tin ratio of 80/20 suitable for hard hitters. It has an appealing feel that mesmerizes any musician.

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12) Paiste Signature Series Dry Heavy Ride – 22″

Series Dry Heavy Ride – 22″ is the best gift you can get for any drummer who has pushed the limits. This design is based on Carey’s dry heavy cymbal. The cymbal is weighty and strong, which allows it to produce loud and clear sound.