Who is Bowser Koopas wife

Bowser's Wife is Nintendo's least popular star, and is also Bowser's wife.


Bowser's Wife was created when Bowser's and Peach's DNA were mixed. She was called Bowser's Wife because her step-parents thought she was made for no other use. Her step-parents were very poor but Bowser's Wife had everything she wanted because she was robbing banks. Soon she was as rich as Queen Elizabeth. Bowser's Wife was soon very fat and she was too lazy to do anything. She grew up and became a very spoiled brat.

Living with Bowser

This was Bowser's Wife ultimate goal. Bowser doesn't like Bowser's Wife, Bowser just wants to have someone to argue with. Bowser Jr. really wanted a mom so he kidnapped Peach but Mario got away with Peach. Then when he met Bowser's Wife, Bowser Jr. was so happy that he started to cry. Then Bowser came and he shouted on Bowser's Wife but then she kissed him.


there is no death. Only Zuul!


  • She was a rape victim when bill cosby raped her