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Airports By Country Name


PierrefondsType: Medium airport City: St PierreCountry: RéunionIATA: ZSEICAO: FMEP
Roland GarrosType: Medium airport City: St DenisCountry: RéunionIATA: RUNICAO: FMEE


Aerodromul StrejnicType: Small airport City: PloiestiCountry: RomaniaICAO: LRPV
Arad InternationalType: Medium airport City: AradCountry: RomaniaIATA: ARWICAO: LRAR
BacăuType: Medium airport City: BacăuCountry: RomaniaIATA: BCMICAO: LRBC
Băneasa InternationalType: Medium airport City: BucharestCountry: RomaniaIATA: BBUICAO: LRBS
BanestiType: Small airport Country: Romania
Boboc Air BaseType: Medium airport City: BobocCountry: RomaniaICAO: LRBO
Câmpia Turzii Air BaseType: Medium airport City: Câmpia TurziiCountry: RomaniaICAO: LRCT
CaransebeşType: Medium airport City: CaransebeşCountry: RomaniaIATA: CSBICAO: LRCS
Clinceni AirfieldType: Small airport City: ClinceniCountry: Romania
Cluj-Napoca InternationalType: Medium airport City: Cluj-NapocaCountry: RomaniaIATA: CLJICAO: LRCL
CraiovaType: Medium airport City: CraiovaCountry: RomaniaIATA: CRAICAO: LRCV
DevaClosedType: Closed City: DevaCountry: RomaniaIATA: DVA
Deveselu Air BaseClosedType: Closed City: DeveseluCountry: RomaniaICAO: LR81
Feteşti Air BaseType: Medium airport City: FeteştiCountry: RomaniaICAO: LRFT
Henri Coandă InternationalType: Large airport City: BucharestCountry: RomaniaIATA: OTPICAO: LROP
Ianca Air BaseType: Medium airport City: IancaCountry: RomaniaICAO: LR79
IaşiType: Medium airport City: IaşiCountry: RomaniaIATA: IASICAO: LRIA
Metropolitan AreaClosedType: Closed City: BucharestCountry: RomaniaIATA: BUH
Mihail Kogălniceanu InternationalType: Medium airport City: ConstanţaCountry: RomaniaIATA: CNDICAO: LRCK
Oradea InternationalType: Medium airport City: OradeaCountry: RomaniaIATA: OMRICAO: LROD
Satu MareType: Medium airport City: Satu MareCountry: RomaniaIATA: SUJICAO: LRSM
Sibiu InternationalType: Medium airport City: SibiuCountry: RomaniaIATA: SBZICAO: LRSB
Suceava Stefan cel MareType: Medium airport City: SuceavaCountry: RomaniaIATA: SCVICAO: LRSV
Tautii MagherausType: Medium airport City: Baia MareCountry: RomaniaIATA: BAYICAO: LRBM
Timişoara Traian VuiaType: Medium airport City: TimişoaraCountry: RomaniaIATA: TSRICAO: LRTR
Transilvania Târgu Mureş InternationalType: Medium airport City: Târgu MureşCountry: RomaniaIATA: TGMICAO: LRTM
TulceaType: Medium airport City: TulceaCountry: RomaniaIATA: TCEICAO: LRTC
Tuzla RomaniaType: Small airport Country: RomaniaICAO: LRTZ