Which are the religious based political parties

  • Yes ban parties with Religious ideologies which are not secular!

    Because if you are a religion based party you will need the support of the people of a particular religion. So to get the support you will, As a party, Have to create fights or fear mongering against another religion to get in power and to gain support of the people of your party's favoured religion. Thus it will result in discrimination and civil disturbances and will not help in assimilation of the people as one nation. So religion based parties are a flawed and evil that must be banned to solve the religious fights within every nation. Look at the wrong done by the individual not the community for an individuals wrong.

  • No religious government

    Religious political parties threaten the establishment clause. Political parties nominate the future representatives, Governors, Senators, Mayors, President. What if the religious candidates succeed to form a majority? They may succeed to impose a teocracy rule. Religion refuses the rule of law, The Constitution's supremacy and rights-based agendas. Religion dictates "undisputable" truths, Dogma. History proves that the more religion entangles with politics, The less developed, The less free and democratic, The poorer a country is.

  • The people belongs to a particular political party should be honest,caring,forgiving,down to earth attitude. This will answer all similar questions like discrimination(religion,gender,race,wealth,country), corruption,greed,violence etc .

    We should not support any such parties. People should understand that the people belongs to a particular political party should be honest,caring,forgiving,down to earth attitude. This will answer all other similar questions like discrimination(religion,gender,race,wealth,country etc), corruption,greed,violence etc etc. Rather that asking such question we should debate on honest,caring,forgiving,down to earth attitude.

  • Too many religious fanatics

    Religious fanatics are infiltrating mainstream politics and using their money buy their way into politics. There should not be any political parties that only have a single issue standpoint. The most obvious reason a religious based political party should not get into power is the lack of any understanding in regards to science and objective views of people who don't follow that particular religion. There are many religious people who still believe in creationism and some religions are practising beliefs that belong in the dark ages. Take stoning people to death for instance...Still happening today. Many Christians still believe that the world only began 2015 years ago. These people should not be able to hold any political office.

  • There must never be religious political parties.

    It is not hard to understand what the separation of church and state beholds for all of us. America becoming a theocracy is the one guaranteed way I will revoke my natural citizenship. I will never be governed with childish fairy tales so long as our secular constitution stands. There is no legal precedence for religious political parties in America. If you think you're conservative, yet want an religious theocracy, you're a sick radical.

  • Guaranteeing freedom of expression and religious freedom

    In the west we protect and encourage the freedom to speak and to practice peoples chosen religion. When one religious group as in the Jewish Muslim Christian Hindu Buddhist etc assume power in the political sense, they will always try to impose THEIR beliefs on all others.
    This can be openly and aggressively done eg ISIL or more subtlety through by the freezing out of the rights of others, refusing building consents, different policing standards, imposing religious ideals (clothing alcohol smoking music art etc)
    I want ALL people to have the freedom to live and thrive within a fair OPEN and equal society and the two biggest threats are as always greed for money and power, and religion also greedy for power.
    Not being allowed to form political parties based on religion would not take away the right to lobby on a groups behalf, however countries with religious parties frequently have laws forbidding dissent and some even the death penalty for wanting to leave or change your religious beliefs! Not a great lot of freedom there!
    I have a friend who left the middle east to escape the extreme form of Islam practiced in his country, he is happy now to practice his faith here and is comfortable with others and their faith choices. He is however concerned by the number of more radical Muslims coming here and demanding more changes to society to suit them. I hear the same from people of all sorts of religious and cultural groups. To them I say welcome ,please enjoy the freedoms you sought to find here and please help to ensure that these freedoms remain in place
    for ALL I love the diversity that peoples of different countries bring ....Just keep your prejudice and religion to yourself

  • Yes, it is justified to ban political parties with religious platforms.

    Religion, regardless of what any personal opinion on it, is not factual information and as such, cannot be used or manipulated for political purposes in a fair society. Political parties championing religious grounds not only threaten the sanctity of a free society, but also use theology as means of winning votes; votes should be won by actually swaying people with political beliefs, not religious ones.