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One of the most commonly asked questions in Islam is whether it is compulsory for women to wear the Niqab. There is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars on this matter, and each side of the arguement has been presented in this excellent debate held in the Green Lane Masjid.

First of all, it is important to note that there is no dispute amongst the scholars regarding the Niqab being a requirement for the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, or that wearing the Niqab is better than not, or that it is not compulsory for certain women including those of very old age.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem believes that it is mandatory for women to wear the Niqab, and his evidence holds foot on the interpretation of verses in the Quran regarding a woman’s adornment. It is a strong arguement, however his interpretation is not accepted universally as the correct one.

Claiming that the Niqab is not compulsory is Sheikh Abu Usamah, who presents a number of hadiths, including the one where the Prophet Muhammad advised that the women should not show anything besides their face and hands, and although he admits the narrations are weak, the sheer number of varying narrations means that it is an acceptable proof or evidence.

He also mentions 2 other prominent hadiths, where there is a man looking at a woman in a gathering, and a woman with a discolouration in her face, but it is not known whether these were incidents before the introduction of the hijab.

Sheikh Abu Usuamah and Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem both present strong cases for their sides of the Niqab requirements in Islam and whether it is considered to be mandatory, and there is no clear winner on the day. It is best that the viewer considers both of their evidences and comes to their own conclusion.

Please note there was an unfortunate loss of vision for about 10 minutes during the recording, however the audio was still preserved. However, the content was so powerful and important that we felt it was worthy of being spread around.

We would like to thank Green Lane Mosque for this video. You can find more great videos from them on their Youtube Channel.


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