What stores sell fake flowers

Selling on eBay requires an account, a digital camera and mailing supplies such as boxes, popcorn or filler to protect the product. Do the homework and learn about how others make selling online work before venturing into the unknown.

The next step up may be a website devoted to all things silk. A well-developed website may be pricey, but worth it for the serious e-business woman. Suggestions for what to sell follow: finished designs, fake flowers by the stem, flower arrangement supplies, books on flower arranging, and silk flowers. Get creative and fun with fake flowers and set up the website for success.

Another direction to take is the shop route. A shop dedicated to flowers, both fresh and fake, may encompass the bliss of a lifetime. When passion is part of work, it stops becoming work. Talk to the bank, talk to small business owners, read a multitude of books, and contact a financial advisor or accountant who can help with the number crunching.

Learning how to make and sell creations with fake flowers may be the long waited for passion that turns into a thriving business. Study flower arranging through florist school or garden clubs that offer training in the art of floral design. Pay attention to the trends in home décor and art. Establish yourself as an expert on fake flowers by offering classes or teaching at a continuing education venue.  When you find that making silk flower designs is more than a hobby; get busy selling.

What Is Your Home Decorating Style?

Do your friends and family say your home looks nice because you are an excellent home decorator, or are they just being polite? Take the home decorating style quiz to find out if your home decorating style is as inspirational as people say. Whether you are a decorating diva or your home decorating style is akin to a bowl of oatmeal, this quiz can show you if you are inspirational, average, or utterly boring. Which home decorating style are you?