What medicine can cure schistosomiasis

Bilharzia is a disease that occurs due to parasitic infection. It is also known as snail fever or schistosomiasis, as it is caused by the genus of flatworm species called Schistosoma. When human skin comes in direct contact with fresh water that is contaminated with specific types of snails that are carriers of schistosomes, it causes this parasitic infection.

The eggs of Schistosoma are commonly found in fresh water sources when the people who are infected urinate or pass stools in the water. These parasites enter the human skin and reach the blood vessels to produce eggs, which later pass through the intestines and the bladder to cause this infection.

Theodor Bilharz was the first person to reveal the causes of this medical disease during the year 1851, and this parasite infection was named as Bilharziosis or Bilharzia after him. This disease usually affects the people living in the regions like the Middle East, East Asia, South America, Caribbean islands and Africa.

When a person is infected by this parasitic infection, it is not very easy to treat it with the help of simple home remedies. One should consult a doctor immediately once infected by these parasitic worms. However, opting for home remedies to treat infection would help in improving the immune system and enable it to perform its functions in an optimal fashion.

Home Remedies For Bilharzia

1. Garlic

Garlic is rich in antiparasitic properties that make it an apt choice to kill the parasite that causes Bilharzia. This household herb can combat 20 types of bacteria and 60 types of fungus. Consuming garlic will help people get cure from all parasitic infections as well as fungal infections.

Garlic can detoxify the body to eliminate the parasites and its antioxidant properties help in protecting against the oxidation triggered by the parasite. The Allicin found in garlic gets activated when the garlic is chopped or pounded, which in turn kills the parasites. Consuming garlic in chopped or minced form will help in killing one celled organisms, hookworms and pinworms.

2. Wormseed

Wormseed is an ancient home remedy for treating the infections caused by worms of various types. It supports the body by eliminating the toxins from the digestive system and fights against intestinal parasites. The tea prepared from the leaves of wormseed plant is good for the toxin ridden intestine, as it can cleanse it by expelling the toxins completely.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Eating raw pumpkin seeds are loaded with natural fats that enable them to kill the eggs of the parasites easily. The presence of curcurbitin in these seeds, makes it perform antiparasitic activity, which paralyzes the ability of the worms in the body and makes them get expelled naturally. To deal with the worm infestations and parasitic infections like Bilharziosis, one can have half a cup of raw pumpkin seeds along with their smoothies or salads to get good relief from snail fever.

4. Hulls Of Black Walnut

Black walnut was used mostly in the folk medicine like a vermifuge, laxative and as the stringent. It can get rid of all kinds of external as well as internal parasites like tapeworms, flatworms, Candida, pinworms and so on. The green colored hulls of black walnut can cure the irritation caused by the parasites and oxygenates the blood to combat the infectious parasite eggs. It can also lower the levels of blood sugar to flush out the toxins quickly. Consuming the tincture made from the hull of the walnut would help in getting rid of the parasites and the infection caused by it quickly.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful herb that can help in healing all the infections in the digestive system and intestines much faster. This home remedy is packed with worm expelling, anti-inflammatory, body purifying and wound healing properties that make it an excellent choice to treat Bilharzia. It can be consumed with black pepper and coconut oil to improve the healing time of snail fever. The presence of curcumin in turmeric helps in repairing the infections and promotes metabolism.

6. Caper Bush

This herb is also known as the Finder’s rose and is loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties, which helps it to treat Bilharziosis by curing the parasitic infection. Having the tea brewed with the leaves of caper bush will help in lowering the manifestations of snails and its eggs in the body.

7. Thyme

The flowers and leaves of the thyme plant were used in the ancient days for preparing medicines to treat several infections. It can expel the parasites and worms, as it has antibacterial and antiparasitic properties.

8. Acacia

Acacia Arabica is a powerful herb to deal with the manifestations caused by snails and for healing its infections. Consuming Acacia powder can combat the activities of Schistosoma, as it has antimicrobial action.

9. Myrrh

This plant resin is a very effective home remedy to treat Bilharzia, as it can eradicate the worms by collapsing it easily. It kindles the blood circulation levels in the mucosal cells and helps in expelling the parasites from the intestines and other parts of the body. This ancient remedy is loaded antifungal, anti parasitic and antibacterial properties that make it heal the parasitic infections quickly. One can find Myrrh powder or oil to do a parasite cleanse at home.

10. Cloves

Cloves are known to be the highly powerful germicide in the herbal world. It has the antimicrobial agent, caryophyllene that gets mixed in the blood stream and kills the snail eggs, larvae and parasites. Cloves can also kill the fungi, bacteria and viruses in the body. It can be consumed along with wormwood or green hulls of green walnut hulls.

What are the top Causes of Bilharzia?

This is disease is usually present in tropical countries such as the Caribbean, Africa, East Asia as well as the Eastern part of South America. It occurs due to parasitic worms. Schistosoma parasites actually penetrates the skin of those who are wading, swimming, washing in water that is contaminated and while bathing.

Different types of the disease is found in different places. Schistosoma mansoni which I is found in parts of South America, Africa, Caribbean as well as the Middle East. Schistosoma japonicum is found in Far East, S.Intercalatum, S.Mekongi. It is also found in South- East Asia as well as central West Africa.

One is commonly affected by Schistosomiasis in developing countries, which occurs due to swimming in several water bodies which are infested with snails. Generally, biomphlaria, oncomelania types which carry the schistosoma pathogens.

Some of the primary symptoms

  • Bilharzia is chronic in nature.
  • Mild anemia.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Katayama’s fever.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Cough.
  • Fever.
  • Extremely high levels of Eosinophil count.
  • Fatigue.
  • Fever.
  • Central nervous system lesions can occur.
  • Liver enlargement as well as that of the spleen.
  • Granulomatos reactions as well as fibrosis in one’s affected organs.
  • Colonic polyposis along with bloody diarrhea which occurs mostly in Schistosoma mansoni.
  • Portal hypertension alongwith hematemesis as well as splenomegaly in Schistosoma mansoni as well as in Schistosoma.japonicum.

How to prevent the infection?

  • Many countries are trying to eradicate it and the World Health Organization is also actively involved in such efforts.
  • Urbanization.
  • Controlling pollution.
  • Destroying snail habitats.

How to avoid snails?

  • Copper sulfate, nicolsamide, Acrolein can be used to get rid of snails found in fresh water, which cause the disease.
  • Crayfish can also be very useful for this purpose, but must be used cautiously.
  • Avoid such water bodies that have been previously detected with snails.

Is bilharzia curable?

The drug that is used for the patients suffering from schistosomes is praziquantel. A single dose of this medicine is enough to cure the condition by as much as 65-90%. Excretion of the eggs is reduced by nearly 90% in the patients who are not cured by a single dose. This drug is also used in lactating as well as pregnant women. The drug not only helps in the initial stages of the disease but in advanced level patients too. The drug has little effect on re-infection. Schistosomiasis vaccine is being developed as of now which could prove to be boon for people living in the infested areas.

If the patient is not treated in time and eggs remain in the body for long there could be severe effects as mentioned below –

  • Bladder bleeding
  • Ulceration in bladder
  • Damage of Liver
  • Kidney damage
  • Cancer of bladder

The home remedies and related treatment methods for Bilharzia we have discussed above are very effective and powerful. There are no side effects while consuming these home remedies, as they are very safe, powerful and naturally available. As these herbs are packed with anti parasitic, antibacterial and anti fungal properties, they can help in healing the snail fever caused by the parasites very effectively.