What is your review of Doorstepserve

Great value-for-money, empowering service

I went with the £199 package, Mark is my contact, and I’m really pleased with the service so far – nice and transparent, great photos, easy viewing system, and I’d certainly recommend Doorsteps to anyone selling a property.
The only negative reviews seem to come from people who were expecting a £5,000 service for £99.
Basically I’m looking for someone to get a fancy advert up on rightmove etc (done!) and put me in touch with viewers (done!), so I can take care of the rest (fingers crossed!). I’ve dealt with much more expensive estate agents who were no more professional than Doorsteps, charged a lot more and messed up so much I ended up doing the legwork anyway. Doorsteps seems like a new service, still ironing out the odd glitch (all of them minor) but very much in-step with what sellers and buyers want in 2020.
If you want to visit a fancy high street office, read a beautiful brochure, spend ages chasing an estate agent in a fancy suit and pay thousands of pounds, go for a traditional estate agent. If you want to work with a quick, efficient, no-nonsense service who provide professional adverts on all the sites anyone uses nowadays, and be in charge of more of the legwork, for the price of a pair of trainers, go with Doorsteps.