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They’re here. They’re in the streets chanting, “The Jews Will Not Replace Us.” Our president said there were some very good people on that side. They shot and killed 11 people inside a synagogue. They almost killed someone who had survived the Holocaust. They’re here. They’re back.

No matter how tough the president and his supporters believe the press has been on him, they haven’t been nearly tough enough. He brought them here. He feeds them and encourages them. They’re here among us.

For now, they are in charge. In charge!

A little known story about Charlottesville is that some of the neo-Nazis had gone to the local synagogue in town on the day of the rally. There were Jewish-Americans stuck inside, afraid to come out because there were Nazis outside. In America! They’re here!

We have to stop this monster. We know where this story ends if we don’t end him politically. These monsters only grow and fester. We don’t believe in violence, so there is only one option, we must act politically. Immediately.

His allies demonize the group known as the anti-fascist. They somehow paint the resistance against fascism as the real problem and the real cause of the violence. Meanwhile, they send bombs. And their leader is out the next day encouraging them after the bombs. The real enemy is Soros, he says. The clear implication is that he is the Jew that funds everything. God damn, they’re here. Wake up, the fascist are already here and in charge.

They already attacked the Muslims, but not enough people came to their defense. They made it seem reasonable to isolate and blame one particular religion. After all, didn’t they deserve it for what they had done? This is the same exact playbook as before. Then they came for the Latinos. Then the trans. My God, it’s right in front of you – the same exact playbook.

Then they started beating people up in the streets. They wore the same clothes, like a uniform. They beat them up in the rallies. They shot at them in the synagogues. They bombed and intimidated anyone who they viewed as their enemies. And we’re right in the middle of it.

One of our hosts said on the show last week that maybe we should send aid to the refugees in the caravan because they’re suffering. I immediately thought I can’t allow that because that would make us a target for right-wing violence. That might mean someone might send a bomb to our offices and kill people that work for us. Think about that. The fascists are already intimidating good people from helping one another through violence and threats of violence. There’s also another word for that – terrorism.

One of our hosts was already targeted online by Cesar Sayoc. He was trying to figure out how to react to the news that he might receive a bomb in his mail. Look at the decisions we are faced with today! Do we keep saying what we’re saying to help others, even though we might be killed for it? That’s not supposed to happen in America. But we’re right in the middle of it. That is an actual decision we had to make last week!

The press is too tough on them? They don’t even call them by their name. This is the time to ring the alarm. They chanted, “The Jews Will Not Replace Us.” Then they murdered someone. And now they’re threatening to kill their political opponents. God damn it, tell the people to wake up – they’re here!!

There is only one line of defense left before things devolve – Tuesday. One last vote. Imagine staying home from that. Imagine the mark of shame that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Remember that one time we had a chance to save ourselves. To save our brothers and sisters. And what did you do? Did you stay home? Or were you in the streets? Were you bringing people to the fight? Making sure they use the most powerful force on earth – American democracy. This is what beat the fascists the last time.

Now, they’re in our backyard. They crossed the oceans, they got into our bloodstream and in to our heartland. They walk among us. It’s so much easier to take over from the inside. What will you do? Will you vote? Or do you think it’s not important enough?

Cenk Uygur is the host and founder of The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world, and CEO of TYT Network.