What is your future destination And why

"An experience occurs when a company intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage individual customers in a way that creates a memorable event."
Gilmore and Pine,
The Experience economy

"The reason holidays need to work harder is simple: because we work harder. Screen-time-heavy working lives whet our appetite for experiences that transport us out of our heads and cut through our information ennui."
Anna Hart,
The Telegraph

"Although tourism is a vital part of Barcelona’s economy, it is also driving up property prices, pushing out locals and mainstay shops in favor of hotels and tourist traps."
Cailey Rizzo,

"It’s called the Butler Model (named after Professor Richard W Butler): a tourist destination is “discovered”, grows exponentially and reaches peak success. For most places, though, it’s all downhill from there – beaches are overcrowded, queues are long and badly behaved tourists ruin the atmosphere that their predecessors came for."
Julia Buckley,
The Independent

"In December 2015, almost 200 countries from every corner of the world signed the Paris Agreement, committing to decrease greenhouse gas emissions."

"Although the aviation industry claims it is being badly hit by the soaring price of oil, it still enjoys a double boost denied to drivers because it does not pay fuel duty or VAT on the fuel for its planes. New figures suggest this subsidy is worth £9.92bn."
Andrew Grice,
The Independent

"Responsible tourism brings strangers together in a fair and respectful way. It offers positive and optimistic opportunities to challenge stereotypes and to foster understanding."
Justin Francis,
Responsible Travel