What is the most Aurangabadi thing

If you stand in Appa Halwai shop and look just in front, there are people standing in front of a small shop. It is Bholashankar Chaat center (nobody knows this name), commonly known as Appa’s chaat.


You will get lot of items here but real tasty item is Dahi Puri. The process of Dahipuri to the finished dish the whole thing is memorable.

How to reach: Bholashankar Chaat is exactly in front of Appa Halwai. You have to go from Bhandi Bazar towards Shahganj.

When to eat: Try your luck. Appa is most unpredictable fellow. You can never say for sure about when his shop is open. I came back numerous times seeing the closed shop. Surprisingly this unpredictable behavior never stopped his customers making huge rush. Whenever the shop is open it get filled immediately with waiting customers. Such is popularity of Appa. The normal timings are 5PM to 9PM. Best time to eat is after 7PM.

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