What is the best university in Ukraine

How to find the best medical university in Ukraine for study medicine? AbroStudy.com knows the answer.  Here is our ranking of medical universities in Ukraine.
Study medicine in Ukraine!

We are sure that  this ranking will help international students to choose best option to study medicine in Ukraine.

MBBS courses in Ukraine are very attractive because they have tuition fees much more lower then in other european countries. Meanwhile medical ukrainian education is worldwide recognized and has good quality.

We looks for this options for ranking:

  • The quality of education
  • Reviews of foreign students about the university
  • The number of foreign students at the university
  • Modern premises and equipment
  • The cost of education
  • The city where the university is located
  • Availability of the website and social pages. The frequency of their updates.

In our ranking you can find 14 medical university where you can study medicine in Ukraine.
There are more medical universities, but we choose universities that are good in our opinion and we can recommend any of them to study medicien in Ukraine. Let’s start.

TOP of medical universities in Ukraine


14. Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk) State Medical Academy

Dnepr State Medical Academy (Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy before) located in Dnepr. Huge and powerfull industrial city. Academy has fine reputation and quality of education.
Meanwhile we talked with many international and local students in it. Please note, that it’s not our opinion, but as we understand from student reviews, there are a lot of teachers that asks for bribes. So, if you have a lot of money you can get education here without problem. Meanwhile if you can’t spend a lot of money, but need quality education it can be better to look for another university.
Corruption is very bad, that’s why DSMA has only 14th position in our ranking.
Few words about the city.
Dnepr is huge industrial city. It’s modern european city, but it’s industrial. It’s city for job, but for living you can find few better cities in Ukraine.

Dnepr State Medical Academy at AbroStudy directory.





13. Zaporizhia State Medical University

We had a lot of depates in our office about position of Zaporizhia State Medical University.

Let’s clear something. Zaporizhia State Medical University is excellent university. But there are 12 other university too. Someone should take 13th position.

Zaporizhia State Medical University has pretty good reputation among professionals. Opinions of students are different and as we can see it depends from department of student.
Zaporizhia is (or was) good city. At nowadays, as we know economics of the city isn’t too strong.  But this city has wonderful history and it’s really good city.
We really hope that next year Zaporizhia State Medical University will get place in TOP5, but at this momeny only 13th.

Zaporizhya State Medical University at AbroStudy directory.

12. Ivano-Frankovsk National Medical University

So we come to Western part of Ukraine. You know difference? Eastern part is more industrial and Western is more agriculture. Each part has some difference. You know, it’s like one soul but with some special things in different parts. Anyway, we are sure you will like traditions of Western part of Ukraine. Ok, we are here to talk about medicine and medical education.
So #12 in our ranking is Ivano-Frankovsk National Medical University. Good university, good and small city. You know, it could get place in TOP 10, but we have some reports from students about corruption and bribes. As we said, it’s BAD.

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University at AbroStudy directory.


11. Kyiv Medical University

Here’s the first and the one PRIVATE medical university in our ranking.  Place #11 – Kyiv Medical University.
Let us tell few words about private universities in Ukraine. You know, for example in USA almost all TOP universities are private. Everyone really wants to study in them.
In Ukraine situation is different. Private universities are really good. Here are more modern equipment as a rule. Also good quality of education. But they are not stable.
And what is more important for international students, sometimes they may have problem with diplomas of private universities abroad.
So, let’s go back to Kyiv Medical University in Ukraine. As we said, it’s private. At this moment it’s really good and has no problem with diplomas abroad.
Located in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. So you must understand, that cost of living will be higher here. University also not the cheapest. We’ll do our best to visit this university during the year and who knows. Maybe it will get much more higher position in our ranking. Also we’ll try to make interview with someone from university management.
Let’s wait and see.
Kyiv Medical University in AbroStudy directory.

10. Kharkov National Medical University

Kharkov is student’s capital of Ukraine as people in Ukraine says. Kharkov National Medical University is well known medical university in Ukraine and abroad.
You know… this university is really good, but… it’s really good. Not excellent. You know, in any directions it is good. Some unversities has excellent staff, some has excellent quality of education, some has  excellent equipment, so on. Kharkov National Medical University has simply all good. Do you catch my mind? It’s not bad, because everything is good.
Nothing bad, nothing excellent, everything is good 🙂 little boring, so 10th place 🙂

Kharkov National Medical University in AbroStudy directory.

9. Karazin Kharkov National University

Karazin Kharkov National University is very good and very popular. It offers not only medical courses, but a lot of others in a big number of areas.
Here’re some benefits of Karazin Kharkov National Medical University::

  • Really good quality of education
  • Huge number of international cooperation
  • Diploma recognized in all countries and in all companies
  • Located in amazing student’s city

Ofcause here are some disadvantages of Karazin Kharkov National Medical University:

  • Tuition fees are really high for international students. In our opinion, prices are overestimated specially.The university is practically closed for cooperation with agents. Therefore, all proceeds go through certain persons. Because of this, the tuition fees becomes even greater.
  • The university understands its popularity and due to this it has a slightly negligent attitude towards the entrants.
  • University simply don’t accept admission of students from some countires, that can have negative effect for university (for example Iran). We strongly condemn this position. After all, children and students are not to blame for political situations. Children should be able to receive education anywhere in the world, regardless of their nationality. This is the goal of our AbroStudy. It is very bad that for the university’s management their reputation is more important than a good goal.

Karazin National Medical University at AbroStudy directory.

8. Ternopil State Medical University

Ternopil State Medical University is excellent place to study. Good city, high quality of education, staff sometimes can show arrogant attitude. We don’t have too much words to say about it. It’s really good. Opinion of students are different, but almost all international students like it. So Ternopil State Medical University takes 8th place in our ranking of medical universities in Ukraine 2018.

Ternopil State Medical University at AbroStudy directory. 



7. National University of Pharmacy

One more university from Kharkov. National University of Pharmacy is really good. As you can see from name, main area of education is “Pharmacy”. Ofcause here you can find some other areas of medical education.  It’s really easy to describe it.
If you going to study “Pharmacy” that National University of Pharmacy is really the BEST choice for you in Ukraine. If you going to study some other medical courses, it will be better for you too look for another universities from this ranking.

National University of Pharmacy in AbroStudy directory




6. Odessa National Medical University

Odessa is another wonderful city of Ukraine. It located near Black Sea. It’s very popular tourist city. And it’s really beautiful.
Odessa National Medical University is beautiful too. Education here is good way to bright future. Quality of it is perfect. It’s really good university and don’t worry if you not sure that education here is wrong way. Everything is fine and university is cool 🙂

Odessa National Medical University in AbroStudy directory



5. Donetsk National Medical University

Few years ago this university was #1 or #2 all the time. As possibly you know, there is some battle actions at the East of Ukraine (meanwhile Ukraine is safe country and you can find article about it).

Quality of education, international recognize, excellent staff, modern equipment. Everything was perfect.

For now, a lot of thing still perfect, but university changed city. It has another campuses (they are not so good unfortunately). University lose some staff. University lose some part of soul…

It’s still wonderfull and safe. But it is #5 for now.

Donetsk National Medical University at AbroStudy directory.



4. Lviv National Medical University

Lviv National Medical University is really good too. There’s no bad universities in this ranking actually. City of Lviv has it’s own soul. It’s really special city and really wonderful. Ofcause, it’s not the main thing for university, but it’s still important. So, here’s another cool university for international students.

Lviv National Medical University in AbroStudy directory. 


3. Bogomolets National Medical University

Bogomolets National Medical University is very popular university in Ukrainea among international students. It situated in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. Can’t find something bad about quality of education, worldwide recognize, staff and so on. There’s only 2 things, that you will not like:

  • Tuition fees and cost of living really high
  • Students must pay tution fees in advance

Bogomolets National Medical University in AbroStudy Directory.



2. Vinnitsa National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University is VERY popular among international students. During last year they made huge job and become #2 medical university in our list. They get a lot of international students every year now. Education here not only excellent, but really fun. You will be here in big international family. BUT there’s a chance that this university will get much more lower position from us next year. The reason is simple. Because of popularity tuition fees starts grows here. We believe that this is not justified. We’ll monitor situation

Vinnitsa National Medical University in AbroStudy directory. 



1. Bukovinian State Medical University

Here’s our winner this year. Bukovinian State Medical University is #1 medical university in Ukraine. Last year we was ready to put it on 10th position. but we see a lot of difference.
University pay more attention for international students now. We believe that it has a huge potential and bright future. We a glad to recommend it for you this year. For now this university has very attractive tuition fees. Will see if the popularity will effect for it.

Bukovinian State Medical University in AbroStudy directory. 


Summary: any of universities in this list is excellent place to study in Ukraine. We recommend you listen to your heart and make a choice. Feel free to talk your opinion about universities in comments.


If you are representative of university and what to contact us about any question, please use email : [email protected]