What is the best Twitter plugin


Elfsight Twitter is an adaptable plugin, which allows you to introduce Twitter feed or selected Tweets on a WordPress site. You can display your Twitter news feed or demonstrate testimonial Tweets that help raise visitor engagement and strengthen customer trust. What makes our Twitter plugin one of the top of its kind for any website is a big amount of settings, preset templates designed for any use-cases and its adaptive design.

Achieve better user engagement and higher trust to your website

  • Hold visitors on the site for a longer time.
    Hold visitors on the site for a longer time.
  • Promote your Twitter and website together.
    Your website is an additional tool of promotion of your Twitter account, with retweeting and replies supported from the page; while better engagement and social proof on the website improves SEO results.
  • Enhance trust with the help of customer testimonials from Twitter.
    Choose the best client testimonials about your business from Twitter and reveal them on your site to strengthen trust to your company and make your items look tempting.


Major features of Elfsight Twitter plugin, which help it stay the best WordPress instrument for embedding Twitter.

  • Feed or Testimonials type of the presentation;
  • Hide the header to show only Tweets;
  • Nice preview links in Tweets;
  • Browser data cache – faster loading with widgets on several pages;
  • Automatic feed coloring with theme color from your Twitter account.

See all options in Elfsight demo

How to add Twitter Feed to WordPress website

Use our brief guide on embedding and adjusting the plugin. You don’t need to have skills in web programming to do it. And the average time of the installation is only a couple of minutes.

  1. Get and add the plugin.
    On the plugin page, press «Add to Cart», to get the plugin. Next, go to the administrator panel of WordPress website and on «Plugins» tab add the plugin.
  2. Adjust the plugin.
    Apply parameters for Twitter Feed and copy a code for publishing the plugin on the website.
  3. Add the code on the website.
    Choose the page where to place the widget and paste the plugin code there. Publish all the changes.
  4. You successfully accomplished the installation.
    Open WordPress site to see your plugin!

Fail to design or add the plugin on your website? Study our extensive manual or address our help team.