What is O3 used for

How long does Purify O3 take to disinfect?

The Purify O3 offers one of the shortest disinfection cycles on the market at just 35 minutes!  However, it is recommended to allow 90 minutes for the residual ozone to dissipate after the sanitation cycle is complete.

Why does the Purify O3 have to be in a closed container or zippered case during use?

Due to the nature of ozone and its short half-life, its effectivity as a sanitizer is increased when the balance of ozone is greater than available oxygen.  Therefore, the smaller container enables this to occur more quickly for effective disinfection.  Use in an open container or room would allow the ozone to dissipate rather than reach concentrated levels around the mask or machine for disinfection. Ozone should not be breathed or injested.

I notice a slight odor after using Purify O3, what is it?

Ozone has a distinct scent – some sensitive individuals may be able to smell the ozone after its use.  It is recommended to run the PAP machine for 20 seconds prior to use to help this odor dissipate, or to run the disinfection cycle at the beginning of the day to allow for additional time for the residual odor to dissipate before normal use.

Who do I contact regarding a warranty claim?

Patients should address all warranty concerns to the Home Care/”PAP” Equipment Provider where the product was purchased.  Providers are encouraged to contact RRI Customer Service directly at 866-333-4030 with warranty questions.

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Purify O3 Troubleshooting

Purify O3 Troubleshooting Tips


The Purify O3 does not turn on after charging.

Ensure the on button is depressed fully for 3 seconds to power on.  If the unit still does not power on, connect the Purify O3 to the charger and plug into an electrical outlet.  Press and hold on button for 3 seconds to power on.  Disconnect from the outlet and use as normal.

My Purify O3 is no longer functioning.

The battery may be depleted. Connect the power cord and plug in to an electrical outlet to charge. A red indicator light signals a depleted battery. A green indicator (non-blinking) indicates full battery life.

No ozone is generated.

Verify the Purify O3 is fully charged. Connect charger to the unit and plug into electrical outlet. After charging, power module on and confirm fan is working. If fan continues to be inoperable, contact your Home Care/”PAP” Equipment Provider for warranty evaluation.

The Purify O3 stops running during use after a full charge.

Battery may have reached the end of its serviceable life. Charge unit fully and attempt to run a complete sanitizing cycle. If problem persists, and is within the 2 year warranty period, contact your Home Care/”PAP” Equipment Provider for warranty evaluation.  If outside of the warranty period, dispose of the product per electronic recycling guidelines in your area.

The disinfection process leaves a slight odor.

Before using, run your CPAP/BiPAP machine for 20 seconds to allow any residual odor to flush from the device.  Run the Purify O3 disinfection cycle earlier in the day to allow additional time for the residual odor to dissipate before use.

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