What is infinite computers solutions

At Infinite, we believe that we owe our success to the society of which we are a part; that is why we constantly seek to give back to society via social initiatives. The employees of Infinite support, conduct and manage activities aimed at social causes through I-Verve, the Infinite employees’ club. This club coordinates and organizes Infinite’s employee contributions to various causes, including drought relief and blood donation camps, in addition to long-term association with select causes.

Infinite extends support via sponsorship to the students ofParikrma– a program that involves contributing financially and in-kind towards the welfare of underprivileged children, helping them meet their nutrition, healthcare and educational needs. Infinite also sponsors some of the students of Parikrma.

Infinite encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship in youngsters through various programs including The Young Entrepreneurs Program with TiE DC chapter, a program that stimulates creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in high school students.

At Infinite, we understand that real change happens when communities are enabled in a manner that has a sustained developmental impact. It is our objective to aid this enablement through a series of structured programs in the communities in which we have a presence.

A corporation’s responsibility is complete only when its community and social responsibility activities are sustainable, focused and results-oriented. In order to accomplish this, Infinite has initiated the establishment of Infinite Foundation, a trust that consolidates the company’s social responsibility initiatives under one umbrella.

Infinite Labour and Ethics Policy

In addition to giving back to the society, we constantly strive to be compliant with the laws and regulations governing the labour and ethics practices of the various countries that we operate out of.

We at, “Infinite”,

  • Are committed to being a fair employer, meeting the labor laws of the local jurisdiction and conducting our business with the highest level of integrity.
  • Are committed to complying with business ethics and regulations that govern the nature of our business.
  • Are committed to meeting the customer and industry standards that regulate our business.
  • Are committed to ensuring our suppliers and contractors are aware of the policies that govern our business processes.

Infinite Environment, Health and Safety Policy

In addition to giving back to society, we also focus on the environment, health and safety through a constantly evolving policy as stated below:

We at, “Infinite”,

  • Are committed to minimizing the harmful effects of the impact of day-to-day operations on the environment by adopting the latest technologies whenever practical.
  • Will comply with occupational health and safety assessment standards and all relevant regulations.
  • Are committed to complying with applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Will follow appropriate methods for the prevention of pollution, injuries and ill-health, including environmental legislation, through continual improvement.
  • Will communicate with local communities to minimize any disturbance caused by our works.
  • Will ensure our suppliers and contractors are aware of this policy.
  • Will place the health and safety of employees and other parties first when conducting activities.