What is an example of reverberation

2usually reverberationsA continuing effect; a repercussion.

‘the attack has had reverberations around the world’
  • ‘They aren't always the most spectacular plays of the season; they just cause the most reverberation.’
  • ‘Marshall says she doesn't take into account the real-world reverberations of her rulings.’
  • ‘Evidently, Davis had touched upon a story with profound reverberations for our own times.’
  • ‘In Asia, the reverberations will inspire a generation.’
  • ‘Easily the most influential paper of the generation, its reverberations continue to be felt whenever philosophers discuss the nature of their enterprise.’
  • ‘Meanwhile the reverberation of the Bolivian events will spread throughout the continent.’
  • ‘The reverberations of these losses extend to the states.’
  • ‘The reverberations of that carry on throughout the whole series.’
  • ‘Her last point raises a spectre of uncertainty around the Summit and its long-term reverberations.’
  • ‘It was a political manoeuvre that would send reverberations down the following three centuries.’
  • ‘And the reverberations of that would be felt up and down the food chain.’
  • ‘But for some, the reverberations never stop.’
  • ‘As the Enron scandal continues its reverberations, as guilty pleas and tales of trials to come mount, the books about the case grow longer.’
  • ‘However, the reverberations in the rest of the world economy were immediate and extensive.’
  • ‘The reverberations of the war continue even into our time and they have not yet abated.’
  • ‘That result will send reverberations around the boxing world’
  • ‘You know, this is really pitching right into the hot days of the general election campaign and the reverberations are going to go on through the fall.’
  • ‘The publication of the study had wider reverberations throughout the academic and scientific institutions connected with it.’
  • ‘And the reverberations are still reverberating.’
  • ‘The reverberations of that event will continue for quite some time, if not forever.’