What if Dio was a pillarman

Awaken, My Masters!!
  • Pillar Men (柱の男 Hashira no Otoko)

  • In order to obtain Pillarman you have to have Vampire and then use a Stone Rokakaka.


(E:) Body Manipulation: Absorption - Absorbing your victim into your body, this move does rapid damage to your victim. This attack also does life steal

(R:) Vampiric Barrage - Send a series of punches that drain your target's life with each hit

(T:) Body Manipulation: Storage - Pounce forward and meld yourself into a nearby target. After 4 seconds or so, you burst out of your target (A la Aliens style), dealing a massive amount of damage

(Y:) Body Manipulation: Meat Invade - Release a ball of flesh that sticks to a target on hit and drains life

(F:) - Body Manipulation: Rib Stab - Use your rib bones as skewers to pierce your enemy, deals high damage

  1. Board Project JoJo
  2. Pillarman
  • Advanced Tier
  • Close Ranged
  • Part 2
  • Power Reliant