What does Vitalik Buterin think of Cardano

Cryptocurrencies try to find stability in the markets

The founder of Cardano has conducted a Ask Me Anything session a few days back expressing his views on Vitalik’s opinion on the ‘ceiling in sight’ statement. Hoskinson also wanted to share his lifestyle and his social media patterns that he usually does.

On September the 8th, Vitalik Buterin discussed in an interview with Bloomberg at the Ethereum Industry Summit conference in Hong Kong, that the Blockchain space would be reaching to a ceiling.He mentioned that:

“If you talk to the average educated person at this point, they have probably heard of Blockchain at least once. There isn’t an opportunity for yet another 1000x times growth in anything in the space anymore.”

In an AMA session with Mr. Hoskinson, he was asked to give his views on what Vitalik Buterin has recently spoken about the Blockchain industry. Hoskinson of Cardano does not think there is any ceiling in sight for the Blockchain space.

Charles Hoskinson further explained that “I remember when I first entered the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space, there was just Bitcoin and we had a lot of forks of Bitcoin, things were pretty stagnant.”This lead to a massive breakout in the creation of cryptocurrencies with the likes of Litecoin, Feathercoin, Blackcoin and others, later started coming up with changes to the protocol of new coins. Differentiating themselves from one another.

The next step after the big hold back of cryptocurrencies

There will be a new wave of innovation coming to the cryptocurrency markets, including the likes of NXT, Ethereum, Bitshares and many more. All these new coins or crypto assets came after the great successful creation of Bitcoin, and now the market is moving into its third generation of cryptocurrencies and assets. Hoskinson thinks however that the crypto space has peaked in the second generation already, with the space getting crowded. This could mean that the market is signaling something, that it is time to move into the third generation of cryptocurrencies with the Blockchain technology.

On a side note, he also suggested that peer review systems are critical to the development of a new network. Even though some developers think that peer review could be a waste of time. But for the development of a new system software, this is a crux function. The different stage in a peer review allows for the system to make sure that if a mistake arises in the primary stage, the issue can be resolved and rectified appropriately.

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