What does RO1 research university mean

When NIH began recognizing multiple PD/PIs in 2007, peer review of the use of the multiple PD/PI model was required, i.e., it was not possible to change from a single PD/PI award to a multiple PD/PI model or from a multiple PD/PI model to a single PD/PI model, without peer review.  After several years of experience with the multiple PD/PI model NIH determined that there are legitimate circumstances under which it would be in the best interest of an active project to change from a single PD/PI model to a multiple PD/PI model, or from a multiple PD/PI model to a single PD/PI, and that peer review of the Leadership Plan is not essential in these cases.  Accordingly, NIH policy was revised to permit such changes with the prior approval of the Grants Management Officer (GMO).  This is consistent with NIH policy on change of PD/PI, and requires a strong scientific justification related to the funded project.  Note that if the arrangements proposed by the grantee, including the qualifications of any proposed replacement or addition, are not acceptable to the NIH awarding IC the grant may be suspended or terminated.  See NIH Guide Notice OD-11-118 for additional information.