What does chillaxing mean

Calm down and relax.

‘you can dance to your favourite tune, chillax, or have friends over’

  • ‘Dance to your favourite tune, chillax, have friends over.’
  • ‘Finally we got back and had a chance to chillax.’
  • ‘And, as such, I get to chillax with all the new students who've arrived early for residence orientation.’
  • ‘I'm ready to chillax my whole 4 day weekend.’
  • ‘But just chillax, you don't have to define yourself by your commercial value, just recognise it exists.’
  • ‘Just be quiet, or chillax, or whatever dated slang you prefer.’
  • ‘God, people need to chillax.’
  • ‘It forms part of a nascent movement seeking to articulate the controversial message that not all kids are scum and, furthermore, we as paranoid adults should just chillax a little.’
  • ‘Alright dude, chillax.’