What do you think of water

RE: Do you think water is wet? 01-25-2018, 08:08 AM #9

(01-25-2018, 01:57 AM)Sick Wrote: It isn't actually the water that is wet, it is the little voice inside you saying water is wet.
Wet is a serious thing and it can not be confused or used in the same sentence as water.
William Shakespeare once said, "Men build houses, cats climb in trees, but water is not wet"
So does it all make a little bit more sense to you guys?
Just follow your hearts guys, water is the key to worldwide peace.
Terrorists shooting, blowing, stabbing up people all around the world, only because their religion tells them water is wet (dont believe me? go fuck yourself).. all these men just need one thing, that one leading voice saying, "oneeeeee hundreddddd and eighhhhhhtyyyyyy waterisnotwet".
So unite people, spread the word, fuck your underaged nephew, stab your mother, blow up a kindergarten, and who knows, one day we can find the eternal worldwide peace. You can't blame others for saying that water is wet, it is the eternal worldwide brainwash that is going on. But we know the actual truth and if we spread the word, we can achieve great, GREAT things.


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