What do photographers actually do

The most general description of a photographer's job is to take photos of people, places, and things, but photographers may hone their titles down to a specific kind of photographer: event photographer, wedding photographer, travel photographer, and so on. Photography within those divisions requires different skill sets, processes, and job details that make the job a versatile one with many opportunities for growth and creativity. No matter what the subject of the photo is, however, photographers must capture the image clearly, often in a fast-paced or high stress setting that can make obtaining the best image quite difficult.

Wedding photographers are hired to document not only the wedding ceremony and reception, but also the events leading up to the wedding. Most wedding photographers make it a point to follow the bride as closely as possible throughout the day, as she is typically the focal point of a wedding; he must also take pictures of guests, decorations, and other memorable aspects of the day. Wedding photography is a fast-paced and high stress form of photography that offers few second chances; if a photographer misses a shot, he does not get to rebuild the scene and try again.

Some photographers travel the world, taking location shots and landscapes. Such photographers often sell their work to magazines and websites, and a photojournalist may use the photos to accompany a story, editorial, or other type of article. Travel photography requires a significant amount of traveling, and work is difficult to obtain unless the photographer is very experienced and has a strong reputation in the industry. Such photography may require the individual to travel to hostile environments to chronicle wars, political strife, or social decay; it can also bring the individual to exotic places that are beautiful or remote.

Portrait photography is another popular job for photographers. Such shooting is usually done in a studio or in other carefully selected locations. It involves the use of a significant amount of expensive equipment, including backdrops, light stands, lights, and even make up artists or other assistants. Photographers in this business may concentrate on high school senior photos, family portraits, or baby photos. Glamour photography is a type of portrait photography that focuses on fashion and modeling; such photos are usually sold to magazines or to fashion companies building an ad campaign. Glamour photography is the most challenging type of portrait photography.