What do new managers want to know

The Promotion Problem

  1. Management is a trade in and of itself and it likewise requires preparation, coaching, and time to get right. Just because Mary was an expert in her field, It doesn't mean that she's ready to be a manager.
  2. Being a leader requires a unique skill set, and it’s not for everyone, especially those who do not have the will to learn to lead.

Yet in a snap, Mary is offered a promotion, given a raise, an office, and a team. She quickly realizes that she isn't sure of what comes next. She has a whole team of people depending on her but no clue what to do! Too ashamed to ask for help or clarification, Mary's stuck in a rut.

“Do you know how hard it is to be the boss, when you are so out of control! It’s hard to verbalize. It’s the feeling that all of a sudden… it’s the feeling you get when you have a child. On day X minus 1, you still don’t have a child. On day X, all of a sudden you’re a mother or a father and you’re supposed to know everything there is to know about taking care of this kid.”

Mary is not alone in this feeling, and neither are you. In our own survey, we found that 53% of managers said they did not feel like they had an accurate view of what it meant to be a manager when they got started in their role.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re going to give you everything you need to set yourself up for success straight out of the gate.