What bands fans use the term B2uty

If you are a Kpop fan, you can always read or hear about the term ocean whenever a particular group is having a concert or a performance. "Ocean" pertains to the large number of fans aka fandom that holds their fan club light sticks to create a unanimous twinkle of lights whenever a particular group in their interest is having a performance. Most well-known kpop groups with large number of fans have their own official fanclub name, fandom color, also fandom light stick design and other merchandise. Hence, when you went to a major kpop concert like "Dream Concert" a yearly event in Korea in which holds several groups performing, you should be able to immediately  recognize which group are doing their act with their particular fandom color and light sticks. 

As kpop became bigger, merchandise of groups had also been upgraded in terms of its designs and uniqueness. The light sticks designs in particular are very much outstanding. 

Here are my top 20 design picks of kpop groups fandom light stick:

20. Shinhwa

  • Fanclub Name: Shinhwa Chango
  • Official Color:Orange

Light Stick Release: 2013 Shinhwa Grand Finale Concert in Seoul

Good Points:Best logo design, nice color

Bad Points: Seems fragile, seems like its easy to be break, super simple it might look like a fan (for producing air)

19. SNSD/Girls' Generation

  • Fanclub Name:Sone
  • Official Color: Pastel Rose Pink

Light Stick Release: 2011 Girl's Generation Tour

Good Points: Girlie Appearance, Best among SNSD light sticks releases

Bad Points:Very Simple, Lacking something/ Not so much of a Girl's Gen Touch, Group always changes light stick design, No sling included

18. KARA

  • Fanclub Name: Kamilia
  • Official Color:Pearl Peach

Light Stick Release: 2013 KARASIA Asia Concert Tour -Tokyo Dome Concert

Good Points: Pretty Crown Design, Lighting is nice

Bad Points:No sling, Group always changes light stick design

17. Teen Top

  • Fanclub Name:Angel
  • Official Color: Pearl Light Lavender

Light Stick Release: 2014 World Tour Teen Top

Good Point: Pretty Lighting

Bad Points: No sling, Looks like a mushroom sometimes  

16. Wonder Girls

  • Fanclub Name: Wonders
  • Official Color:Pearl Burgundy

Light Stick Release: 2012 Wonder World Tour

Good Points: Pretty Lighting, Pretty Color

Bad Point:Not sure when you can be able to use it again...

15. 4minute

  • Fanclub Name:4NIA
  • Fandom Color: Pearl Purple

Light Stick Release: Year 2012 

Good Points: Simple yet pretty, nice lighting

Bad Point: No sling


  • Fanclub Name: BOICE
  • Official Color:Blue

Light Stick Release: 2013 Blue Moon CN BLUE World Tour

Good Points: Simple yet pretty, Seems so handy

Bad Point: Not that Fancy

13. Infinite

  • Fanclub Name: Inspirit
  • Official Color:Pearl Metal Gold

Light Stick Release: 2014 That Summer 2 Concert

Good Points: Very beautiful design, seems magical

Bad Points: Looks so fragile, Not sure if its still available

12. B1A4

  • Fanclub Name: BANA
  • Official Color: Pastel Apple Lime Green

Light Stick ReleaseYear 2014

Good Points: Cute Design, very B1A4 style

Bad Point: Looks so Halloweenish    

11. 2ne1

  • Fanclub Name: Blackjack
  • Official Color: Hot Pink

Light Stick Release:Year 2012, Version 2

Good Points: Cute Design, very Sailormoonish, Best design among girl groups

Bad Points: Slightly big, 20 cm x 24 cm

10. Block B

  • Fanclub Name: BBC (Block B Club)
  • Official Color: Black and Yellow Stripes

Light Stick Release:Year 2014 

Good Points: Best lighting, Party style

Bad Point: looks like a bee sometimes   

9. 2pm

  • Fanclub Name: Hottest
  • Official Color:Metallic Grey

Light Stick Release: Year 2012 

Good Points:Nice lighting, elegant

Bad Point: Not very much the 2pm style

8. Big Bang

  • Fanclub Name: V.I.P
  • Official Color: Black & Yellow

Light Stick Release: Year 2014, Version 4

Good Points: Upgraded reaction mode, long handle

Bad Point: The box that comes with version 4 is kinda easily torn based on a review


  • Fanclub Name: BEAUTY/B2UTY
  • Official Color: Dark Grey

Light Stick Release: Year 2014, Version 2

Good Points: Simple yet looking elegant, its a rose.. haha

Bad Point: it being simple looking     

6. BTS

  • Fanclub Name: A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative MC for Youth)
  • Official Color: N/A

Light Stick Release: Year 2015

Good Point: Very BTS style

Bad Point: looking fragile


5. BAP

  • Fanclub Name: Baby
  • Official Color: Matoki Green

Light Stick Release: Year 2014, Version 2

Good Point: Very BAP style

Bad Points: No sling, battery cap is nailed


  • Fanclub Name: MYgirl
  • Official Color:N/A

Light Stick Release: Year 2013

Good Point: Very nice lighting effect

Bad Points: its big, no sling

3. Winner

  • Fanclub Name:  Inner Circle
  • Official Color: N/A

Light Stick Release: Year 2014

Good Points: Very elegantly looking, reaction mode

Bad Point: Its two colors   

2. BtoB

  • Fanclub Name:Melody
  • Official Color: Sky Blue

Light Stick Release: Year 2013

Good Points: Very unique among other light sticks, very nice sky blue color

Bad Point: No sling


  • Fanclub Name: Starlight
  • Official Color: N/A

Light Stick Release: 2015 Utopia Concert

Good Points: Very VIXX style, very galactic 

Bad Point: you have to own at least 5 of it to create a star

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