What are the best mixes for Ciroc

Screwdriver: Vodka and orange juice with an orange twist

Papa Smurf: Vodka, red Kool-Aid and crushed blue raspberry Popsicle or Freezie

Cosmopolitan: Vodka mixed with cranberry juice, lime twist

Ceasar: 8 ounces of Clamatto juice or vegetable cocktail juice with an ounce of

vodka. You can buy tasty ceasar salts for the rim of the glass and if you like, serve with a celery stalk as a stir stick.

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Bloody Mary: Vodka with Tomato Juice

Vodka Slushes: Vodka can be mixed with any fruit juice you desire and blended with ice to make a refreshing slush. If you'd like, try making the following for your next barbeque: iced tea, frozen concentrated lemonade, concentrated frozen orange juice, vodka and mix with flavored gelatin crystals.

Vodka - Great Variety

There are many other vodka based drinks as well including: Black Russian, Vodka Martini, Mudslide, Harvey Wallbanger, Kamikaze, Long Island Iced Tea, Vodka Sunrise and a number of shooters like Orgasm and Sex on the Beach.

Vodka History and Other Uses

Vodka has a rich history. The Polish and the Russians both lay claim to its discovery. Sweden is also a place that has strong ties to the early days of vodka. In some places including Russia, Vodka has had periods of being banned due to excessive consumption. There's also a lot you can do with the liquid beyond drink it for pleasure including: dissolve the adhesive around a bandage before pulling by soaking the spot in vodka with a cotton ball. The result, no ouch factor.

* A cleanser for vomit stains. Blot the spot with Vodka. This can be great to have on standby when playing drinking games!

* Apply to a cold sore to dry it out and heal quicker

* Use vodka as a liniment when sick or feverish

* Swish and spit when you've got a toothache and vodka will numb the pain as well as act as a mouthwash (provided you don't swallow!)

* Works to stop the stinging of a jellyfish sting

As you can see you can do more than make vodka drinks, you now have additional reasons to keep it on hand!

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