What are some good mobile UX workshops

"I especially liked the breakdown of which workshops to conduct and when in the design process. The UX toolkit is vast, but you were able to provide actionable points for a diverse set of situations."

Melissa Mendoza, CRITEO, Paris, France

"I was very impressed with the quality of content and presentation. Kate was very well prepared and her presentation was ruled in solid domain knowlege and practical experience. In this class, I have found balance between lecture and hands on activities to be well thought out. And the content offered exactly the type of information I had hoped from her."

Basie Coulter, Caktus Group

"Sarah offered even more tips and tricks throughout the day that are as valuable as all of the documented content. Looking forward to putting this all into practice right away."

Krista Van Guilder, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Kate has a great sense of humor and made the hands-on exercises fun. I learned practical methods that I can put into practice right away."

David Vonberg, Allegis Group

"I haven't facilitated a workshop formally before and found this workshop to be incredibly valuable. I have a tool kit I can apply right away."

Gretchen, Continuum

"Sarah is a great, articulate instructor and the materials we covered built on each other in a natural way that makes it clear how each skill or topic informs the next."

Dan Lachapelle, Wayfair

"This is the type of tactical knowledge that is only native to people with a certain level of experience. It is fantastic to have it expanded on."

Luke Salinger, Wayfair

"Great info. Wow, Sarah really knows this topic."

Nate Turnage, USAA

"Highly recommend it, even if you are experienced at workshops."

David Gonzalaz, LTE Partners

"I cannot wait to practice this when I get back to the office. I thought the course was very valuable, informative, well planned and really fun!"

Sherlyn, Nordstrom Rack

"Sarah was a charismatic presenter with a deep knowledge of her topic and a lot of passion for sharing it."

Kelly Bao

"It's a firehose of information. I feel so much more confident in my ability to lead a workshop after just a single day of training. Amazing job, Sarah. You have a gift and serve as an inspiration."

Mike Davis, MailChimp

"Really enjoyed the workshop facilitation course. I learned some new things and others were reinforced. This will definitely be valuable in coaching and mentoring other facilitators in our organization."

Caleb Gore, DMI

"I think this was helpful to give me confidence to lead more workshops in the future."

Lauren H. Care, First

"Many leader and manager positions focus on strategy and engaging teams across an organization. This workshop-focused session provides ideas on how to optimize one's operation as a leader and demonstrate tangible value for us through workshops"

Darren Hood, Quicken Loans

"This course will either reinforce or will help you start facilitating workshops successfully no matter your level of expertise or your background!"

Juan Madrigal, Yuxi Global

"An exceptional course — Sarah's passion for the subject is clear. A lot of information, from short term easy tasks to longer term goals and objectives."

Todd Morrison, Perfect Sense Digital

"Gave me a lot of tools and a framework to use them for months and years to come."

Robb Chen-Wer, Big Human

"The instructor was very engaging, funny and helpful. I benefited by gaining practical knowledge on how to facilitate workshops and adapt them to situations."

Bernard Tyers, Home Office Digital, UK

"Really enjoyed the case studies in the course. It engages us to identify different cases in workshops, analyze them and see what can we do when we face it."

Ellie Xu, Intel

"The quality of the material was very good and easy to use later. The instructor is excellent and I loved the exercises. Can't wait to practice more!"

Pernille Madsen, Copenhagen

"Kate is a very engaging presenter who really knows the material. She provides a lot of examples to see the material in context. Great course! Highly recommend."

Jessica Dufour, Brigade

"Really engaging and practical course with clear workshop ideas to take back and work on straightaway."

Bec Connelly, RNW Media

"This course was really useful in understanding the different types of workshop, when to use them and some great ideas for using in my next workshop."

Ventia Casely, Money Advice Service

"Provides structure, tools, techniques and interactivity for learning how to implement UX workshops. Beautiful deck (I'm copying!)"

Gary Palmer, Abex Systems

"Really knowledge-heavy workshop. I will digest it all and use in practice for sure."

Sam Wooldridge, RBS Group

"Very comprehensive and covered a lot in a single day. I will be able to immediately use some techniques when I return to work. This has given me the skills and confidence to run a workshop."

Chet Thaker, FM Global

"Good listing of activity ideas and how they might support workshop goals. Good content/explanation on how to get started, approach a workshop. I definitely feel more confident in preparing and executing after the course."

Libby, Tank Design

"This is by far the best of all, lots of tools, and insight received. Extremely talented person with solid people skills."

Anal Chauhan

"Fantastic presenter. Knowledgeable. Right pace. Fabulous! Slides are excellent and actionable."

Betsy Eble, Red Hat

"I can take a lot of the information learned in the class back to my company and start to incorporate it right away."

Bradley Molinda, Veyo

"Excellent course! Mix of content and application was well balanced and easily reinforced. Looking forward to using step by step recommendations to improve my future workshops."

Jicara Gorski, FedEx Services

"This course provided a solid base for understanding the UX facilitation process and inspired me to learn more, practice and implement the techniques and processes that were presented."

Susan Hunert, USAA

"Gave me a basis to feel I can lead these workshops in my organization."

Andy Bassiri, BP3

"This was a perfect blend of high level concepts and practical stuff I can use right away."

Andrew Heber, ZS

"I liked the mix of presentation, activities and breaks. The content was well presented and very visual. Activities reinforced what we learned. I'm excited to bring those new tools back to the office."

Helen Van, Nashville, TN

"Loved getting to try out the activities and the course was very comprehensive — covering everything about the workshop experience."

Adria Spivac, Lifesize

"Provides a lot of new, updated and helpful information. Involves some hands-on activity which helps embed the topic in your mind."

Sanyyot Peterson, Kaloa, Inc.

"This course was jam-packed, rapid pace, a few more interactive activities might be nice, but I don't know how you'd fit in. All info seemed critical to me."

David Ryan, USE

"Content was incredibly useful, but it was delivered so densely that it felt a little like drinking from a firehose."

Ri Zoldak, Ameriprise Financial

"Loved how incredibly practical and high-level this course was!"

Michael Kwon, Blizzard Entertainment

"As someone that has planned, conducted and attending UX workshops, this course is a must for any designer. Guidance on activities, planning ad dealing with difficult participants are filling in the gaps for my skill set. Thanks!"

Jonathan D'Ambra, Bluetooth

"Some information overload for me. I do like that my notebook is full, so it's not all negative. I learned a lot."

Kim Hultgren

"The instructor was wonderful. Very thoughtful, focused and shared loads of useful info."

Dominika Sallemova, ESET

"Very professional, engaging and structured. Instructor was especially helpful in clarifying questions and engaging students."

Rita Benitez, UNFCCC

"If you want to explore range of methods & tools to deal with the UX process and get on well with what workshops have to be, you're in the good place!"

Sophie Amisse, NovUp, France

"Katie presents you with an amazing holistic overview of facilitating. The toolkit she provides will be used every time I need to prepare a workshop. Great job!"

Maria Yancheva

"You should definitely take this class if you desire to acquire a new super power."

Camilo Sanchez, Publicis

"Loved this course, it was fund and it is educational! The exercises were great to reinforce learning. It has refreshed a lot of things for me and given me new things to try."

Emma Pyper, P & G

"Sarah demonstrated her expertise in facilitation perfectly by facilitating this course. We stayed on track and always knew where we were at during the day. The resources prep was so helpful."

Leah Gallagher

"It was the 3rd course for me with Sarah. And she is facilitating her courses like she is teaching the content. So she is very authentic."

Bjorn Frieling, Youitive

"Excellent time! I especially liked the list of practical methods so I can use them right away when I'm back to work. Her experience/case study was also interesting. Thank you!"

Mikako, Indeed

"This course is perfect! I think that it is definitely most useful if you have at least facilitated a few times. For me Sarah is excellent. When I signed up for this course I wondered how a practical skill can be taught without us spending all day actually doing "that thing" But in actual fact breaking down "what" facilitation is and "how" and "Why" we do it has really helped me."


"She's a little devil that gets everyone (y'all) out of their comfort zone. Following a course of Sarah is like a once in a lifetime experience."

Stephen Howe, SDWorx

"The day's been excellent, crammed with brilliant content and insight."

Llara Geddes, User Conversion

"Take the course! Useful on every level. It's a bit fast paced, a lot of stuff covered in one day."

Julia, Athens Greece

"I had very high expectations about this course and they were met :) The content was very good and it helped to look at workshops from a different angles. Thank you."

Katarzyna Potyratix, Philip Morris International

"A great course that gives you a toolset of UX best practices to use and adapt with clients and colleagues to facilitate UX workshops!"

Oscar Mayr, Capgemini

"I enjoyed this very much. It's a delight to listen to Kate speak about this topic, and the only thing that was distracting me were my own thoughts about how I can apply this in practice. The slides are an amazing resource that I'm sure I will come back to again and again."

Saskia Idzerda, Baker Hughes

"Really liked the content of this course. A lot go new things and ideas for me. I can use this a lot in my daily work. Also liked the speaker, she had a good knowledge about the topic and she has great tips, thanks a lot!"

Maaike Bruggeling, CGI, Rotterdam Netherlands

"I feel like I understand how to use workshops as a powerful UX tool instead of a compulsory exercise. I can't wait to more fully integrate workshops into my company's research practice."

Beth Schwindt, Capital One