What are some examples of being cynical

Well, first I will give you the definition of cynical (which I will base my answer on):

cyn•i•cal [sínnik'l]


1. distrustful of human nature: doubting or contemptuous of human nature or the motives, goodness, or sincerity of others

Many people have developed a cynical distrust of politicians.

2. sarcastic: mocking, scornful, or sneering

They were made the butt of many cynical jokes.


Say you have a friend who consistently lies to you. One day, this friend says to you 'I have made a New Year's resolution; this year, I will not lie to you'. You would mistrust this friend, because their 'track record', if you will, has shown that they will always lie to you. You would be cynical, because you would be distrustful not only of their statement, but of their reason for making that statement.

I hope that makes sense, and accurately answers the question. The source is for the dictionary definition of cynical.

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