What animals do lobsters eat

At the bottom of the ocean. Lobster is caught in North America, Canada and Europe. By the way these animals can live up to 100 years.

Omar, or as it is also called lobster, belongs to the family of crustaceans. Unlike river crayfish, it has large sizes, a darker color and tender meat. The name “lobster” came to us from the French language, “lobster” – from England. Lobster meat is an excellent dietary product. Contains a large number of lipoproteins, which are necessary for normal functioning of the body.

Lobster can reach a length of fifty centimeters and weigh nearly four kilograms. In history, a case of catching a lobster 70 centimeters long and weighing 11 kg was recorded! However, the average value of this delicacy reaches 20-30 centimeters and weighs about 800 grams.

Lobsters, they also lobsters live in the rocky bottom of the Northern and Mediterranean seas at a depth of almost 20 meters. They eat shellfish, crustaceans sometimes carrion. The shell of the sea crayfish is strong and protects its owner from enemy attacks. When the lobster changes its shell, it is vulnerable. It will not take less than a month until his new home gets stronger and becomes quite firm.

The main catch of lobsters is in Norway. The industrial scale of lobster fishing jeopardizes their existence. Not a small role is played by the pollution of the world’s oceans. Crustaceans are fastidious to the environment of existence. In dirty water, they just die. A restriction is introduced: it is possible to catch individuals over 25 centimeters long at a strictly defined time. Such conditions significantly increased the cost of sea delicacy.