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In a scene from the new documentary Rubble Kings, former New York City gang leaders offer up a list of clans that seems to have no end. Gangs in New York City were rampant in the '70s and featured groups such as the Savage Skulls, the Dirty Ones, the Savage Nomads and the Tomahawks. s New York gangs ruled the streets, sold drugs, engaged in turf wars, and threatened those around them as they struggled to survive during a bad economy.

F. ▻ Former gangs in New York City (4 C, 45 P). W. ▻ Westies (New York gang) (9 P). Pages in category E. East Harlem Purple Gang. F. Five Families. Greater Harlem, in the northern section of the New York City borough of Manhattan, has The East Harlem Purple Gang of the s, which operated in East Harlem and surroundings, was an Italian American group of hitmen and heroin.

Crime, Mafia and Gangsters: NYC Gangsters Paul Kelly was an Italian immigrant who founded the Five Points Gang in New York City. . of the Westies gang, the last major Irish gang in the area, in the s and s. See more. New York street gang “Savage Skulls”, New York, NY July 20th ..

Everyday Life in the Hood: New York - LightBox Old Street. New York's fiscal crisis of the mids is surely one of the weirdest moments in the history of the city – indeed, of the United States. It was a. 29 May - 2 min - Uploaded by New Trailer Buzz Rubble Kings official Trailer - Documentary about Gang Culture in s New York. There's a moment in Shan Nicholson's riveting Rubble Kings documentary, where all seems lost for our heroes, a late s New York City gang called the.

Grisly scenes from when John Gotti and Al Capone orchestrated mob hits on the streets of a New York City that simply doesn't exist anymore. - Explore LordWarickandco's board "'s gangs" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Crime, Real gangster and Gangs of new york.

In the s the New York crime families still maintained control over the hauling and trash industries as well as the pier-related unions, such as the. HBO's latest drama The Deuce portrays New York City in the s, . A New York gang called Reapers clean up a lot in the Bronx in The Satan's Sinners Nomads, the Lower East Side's last street gang to wear Gangs have always been an integral part of New York City's identity. But by the s, the traditional street gangs were already in decline.

3 Aug - 57 min - Uploaded by David Barron NYC Gangs of the late '70s documentary (WARRIORS fans take note). David Barron. Loading. Legendary New York journalist Pete Hamill blurbed the book, calling it “In the early s black gangsters were caught in a very weird. A throwback to the look, feel, threads and s aesthetic of American Hustle and The French Connection, the tale focuses on three New York.

Here's a list of the memorable movies that captured New York City's urban meltdown in the s. The 11 Best Gritty New York Films from the s . make their way home from the Bronx as every other gang targets them. With gangs such as The Hell's Kitchen Gang, the Gorillas, the Parlor The city government, in its efforts to clean New York up, even tried to.

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