Should we believe our intuitions

Should You Believe In Intuition?



By Asha Das


How real are the intuitions to believe on them is a question that might have flashed through our mind at least once in our life. Those who are looking at this matter completely in a scientific way believe on what research and studies tell about this topic. According to this, with consistent practice, we can assess our intuitions and can relate them to your daily life.

Sometimes, intuitions will cover our logic and will direct us based on our perspective. Intuitions are generally based on our experiences and expectations, where logic and practical life has nothing to do. It will be surprising to know that there are many studies that are going on about how real are the intuitions to believe on them.

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Researchers have found that there are some chemical reactions in our body when we feel some intuitive experiences. More researches are going on to differentiate intuitions and imagination, which will give us a clearer picture that will explain about should we believe in intuition.

There are many situations in our life where our decisions and selections are based on intuitions. Here, we may go through some of the most widely discussed intuitions.

In Decision Making

Have you ever thought about how you are making decisions? It is believed that we are all directed by some intuitions while making decisions. This will direct us to think about the future impact of the decision before executing it in real life. This will help to make important life choices.

In Relationship

Finding a soul mate from millions of people around us is not an easy task. But, still we are successful in finding the perfect match for us. This is also considered by the effect of intuitions. It is believed that each person will get a positive impact of intuition when they meet their partner. Should we believe in intuition will never be a question in such cases.

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With Pets

It is said that pet dogs howling when their owner dies, no matter how far apart they are. Also, the act and deeds of many pet animals are considered to be giving intuitions about some future incidents.

In History

Throughout history, we will find more than one instance where many things are directed or significantly affected by intuitions. There are many incidents reported about prediction of the future incidents based on intuitions. But, the interesting fact is that science still looks on all these with dilemma.


There are many people who get the intuition about their own death. This will really surprise us when we come to know that some people who died were already ready to face death. Also, it is found that close relatives will get the intuition about the death of their dear ones. But, how real are the intuitions to believe on them is still a question.


Spiritual intuitions are considered to have an association with the physical or material world with our spirit. Usually, this can be achieved by people who have excellent ability of personal mastery.

Have you ever had any experience with intuition in your life? We all are interested to know more about it. Do share with us.


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