Should I invest in Motilal Oswal fund

I am 29 years old. I am unemployed but have made some money by giving private tuition. I am planning to invest in Tata Digital India Fund through an SIP of Rs 500 for 10 years and Rs 1,000 in Kotak Standard Multicap Fund for 25 years. I also want to invest in Axis Focused 25 Fund or in Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund. Which scheme is the best option for an SIP? Also, please suggest the best ELSS mutual fund for 27 years. My target is wealth creation before I turn 60. Am I investing in the right funds? If not, please suggest the best schemes.
-Souvik Bhaduri

Raghavendra Nath, Managing Director, Ladderup Wealth Management, responds:

Tata Digital India Fund is a sectoral fund that is dedicated to the IT sector. We believe the sector would continue to do well. I would recommend a more diversified fund to you. Kotak Standard Multicap Fund is one of the best performing mutual funds and it has delivered good returns.

Between Axis Focused 25 Fund and Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund, I would recommend the Axis Focused fund to you. In the ELSS space, I would recommend Axis Long Term Equity Fund. Considering an annual return of 12 per cent, you should make around Rs five lakh in 10 years, by investing Rs 2,500 per month, and Rs 50 lakh in the next 25 years.