Should all opinions be treated equally

  • Animals are not human

    I'm guessing all those that voted 'Yes' are vegan, because if they are not then there is some serious hypocrisy going on here.

    I'm vegetarian myself, i'm all for animal rights and I advocate for them regularly. But animals are not humans and should not be treated as equals. I love my dog, but he is a dog. He does not have the cognitive abilities that make us human, nor the same level of emotion and empathy as humans. Animals should be treated with respect and looked after, but I would put every human I know before an animal.

  • We aren't animals

    Otherwise for supper today, i would not have had roast beef, but roast man (or women for those who want to be politically correct). There is something that separates us and it is this. The ability to think reason, and self actualize (as well as have debates with others). If you think all animals are nice kind furry animals, you must have missed those articles about sea otters. 1.
    Also, at what point do you decide where resources should be allocated when you have a tenfold increase in the individuals`that you need to deal with.


  • Animals are animals humans are humans

    I think that animals are unique creatures, but, they are not the same as humans. So they shouldn't be treated like one. If you were to ask a dog if it would go to school and write an essay, it wouldn't be able to. Because it's not human.(And it doesn't have hands). You see, animals should have just as much respect as a human, but, will not be treated the same way. Animals are animals, and humans are humans

  • People are not animals.

    In order to support this, humans must be accurately separated from animals. We can do so in showing for the most part mental differences (part of a way longer debate). Animals shouldn't be treated equally as humans because well for one, we eat animals. Suggesting all humans should not eat animals or animal products is relatively absurd. Humans should be humane in the way we go about this, but it is something that needs to happen. Also, "treated equally" would imply that we treat animals as humans. This would mean communication and socialization, which I don't think will happen anytime soon.

  • I don't think so.

    A bear kills a person in the woods, and other people witness this event. Since animals should be treated equally to humans, we should put the bear behind bars in a normal jail, since there's no need to discriminate between animals and humans. And while we're at it, animals should also be given the right to vote.

  • Humanism is my prefered look on things.

    I am not religious, but honestly, animals are not humans, as a humanist, I simply believe that this planet pretty much belongs to us. That doesn't mean we have to be excessively cruel to animals. But on the same level as a human? No, never. Not while there are starving children in even a single place in the world.

  • W t f?

    The same as humans definitely not! That doesn't mean we should treat them cruelly. But what you are saying is that if a human that you don't care for and an animal are in a burning building and you can only save one you will save the animal! I cannot see how a rational person can accept that.

  • We are above animals.

    Yes, I do realize we are technically animals. But I am assuming you mean the average person's view of what an animal is, like dogs, cats, squirrels, cows, etc. We have a conscience, intelligence, creativity, innovation, art, science, religion, economies, and governments that are not simply "the strongest guy is in charge". We have many things separating us from animal, both mentally and spiritually (for those non-religious, you can just focus on mental separations). Also, we basically control the Earth, more or less. Therefore, humans first, animals second.

  • Your species comes first

    Your species always comes first, but that does not mean that animals should be treated cruelly. If you had to save one: your brother or your friend from a fire, most of us would choose to save our brother. Same with this case. But if it had choose to save all animals or a small group of people, I would have choose to save all animals because I need them the most to survive. If I was driving and I saw a house burning and I had to save a boy or a dog, I would save the boy because he's my species.

  • Animals don't provide

    I generally love animals but the laws people make are ridiculous animals have been a help to humans since the beginning of time with providing meat and other meal supply's such as milk or eggs but if a animal don't help us they shouldn't be able to have rights that we have like a lazy coworker you don't want to be paid the same as them so why do we think animals should get equal treatment now I am not talking about service animals just normal animals