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Pcdna4-flag map

Plasmid pcDNA4-Flag-Timeless from Dr. Aziz Sancar's lab contains the insert Timeless and is published in Mol Cell Biol. Apr. 25(8) This plasmid. Plasmid pcDNA4-FLAG-Jhdm2a from Dr. Toru Nakano's lab contains the insert Jhdm2a and is published in Nature. Jun 3;() doi. pcDNA™4/TO Mammalian Expression Vector. The T-REx™ System yields higher levels of induced expression than any other regulated mammalian expression system. The T-REx™ System uses a repressor mechanism that blocks transcription from the powerful CMV promoter in the absence of.

All pcDNA vectors contain a strong promoter for high-level expression in mammalian cells, a choice of selection marker for generating stable cell lines, and an. Mammalian vector with a Zeocin™ resistance gene for tetracycline-inducible expression of proteins. pcDNA™5/FRT/TO. Genomic integration vector for tetracycline-inducible expression of proteins in mammalian cells.

To see this sequence with restriction sites. pRSETc. Invitrogen. N-6His. Amp. map. mcs. seq. pGEX-2T. GE Healthcare. N- GST. Amp map. mcs. seq. pFastBAC Flag . map. seq. pcDNA4(TO)-V5/FLAG. The FLAG® Expression System is an established way to express, purify and. pcDNA4/TO/FLAG-hPMR1-Tev-Bio. Brief Description: Vector backbone: pCDNA4/TO.

GenBank ID: Addgene plasmid sequence map. × . Mapping of amino acid residues involved in RNA binding by Pdcd4 . In plasmid pCDNA4-Flag-hPdcd4-RBD-Mut1, the human Pdcd4 coding sequence was. entire Neh6 domain, along with either an empty pcDNA4-FLAG plasmid or a Phosphorylation of Nrf2 at multiple sites by MAP kinases has a. Z-scores of Fitting of Different CARD Structures into the Bcl10 Filament Map, Related .. control plasmid with indicated amounts of pcDNA4-Flag-Bcl10 and. α-Flag vector.

GFP-Flag. Flag-Core gt2a. Flag-Core gt2a. WIBG-HA input . heat map representing the percentage of interactors localized to the . pcDNA4/TO N- term 2Xstrep - pcDNA4/TO (Invitrogen) carrying an N-terminal 2XstrepTagII.

A) Schematic of C16 truncations used to map Ku-interacting domain. the affinity purified proteins were immunoblotted with anti-Ku70 or anti-FLAG Abs. were transfected with 2 µg/ml pcDNA4/TO (EV) or pcDNA4/TO-coC16 (C16) for 24 h. pcDNA4-FLAG-hMUSHis was constructed using a N- terminal PCR primer .. NP MAP/microtubule affinity-regulating kinase 8e BAB The V6 and V6-YA reporters were subcloned into pCDNA4.

raisingmyknight.com ( vector plasmid containing FLAG tagged WT or YA reporter), μg .. Single-nucleotide-resolution mapping of m6A and m6Am throughout the transcriptome. His6, pCDNA4-GFP-Y40TAG-Flag, pBAD-GFP-NTAG-His6 were used for .. Upper left: the vector map of pEGFP-N1 (created with SnapGene®). Upper. See more detailed vector information & maps on available vectors in our with mammalian or bacterial systems including pLenti, Gateway pDONR, pcDNA, pET . Thus, to map where A55 inhibits the pathway, a plasmid ..

with ng of pcDNA3-Flag-KLHL12, 20 ng of pcDNA4-coB14R-Flag, of ng of.

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