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Mapa del tiahuanaco puma

Pumapunku or Puma Punku is part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanaku, in western Bolivia. It is believed to date to AD and later. Tiwanaku is significant in Inca traditions because it is believed to be the site .

region between Tiwanaku and San Pedro de Atacama during the late Middle. Puerta del sol Plantía:Mapa de localización La ciudá de Tiahuanaco caracterizar pola so arquiteutura decorada con templete semisubterráneo, pirámide de Akapana, Puerta del Sol y Puma Punku, tamién grandes pirámides y escultures.

Map of Tiwanaku Puma Punku, Lago Titicaca, Arte Tribal, Hispanic Culture, . Gilbert de Jong was himself in Nazca and measured the GGF by GPS. The Puma Punku part of the complex was awe-inspiring. It was truly marvellous to be able to spend so much time in this part of Tiahuanaco. There is a lot of civic . “Los Megalitos de Tiwanaku / Pumapunku son Geopolímeros Artificiales” Tiahuanaco, on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, is a village known. A map of Tiwanaku, created using data from the 3D model generated by a drone.

But the new data also redefined known monuments, such as Puma Punku, concealed the most emblematic monument of Tiwanaku in the Puerta del Sol, the . You'll see the city's main adobe structures — the Puerta del Sol (Gateway of the Sun), Kalasasaya temple, Akapana pyramid and the Pumapunku stepped. Once in Tiahuanaco, we have lunch and visit Puma Punku, Museum of Stones, The Sun Gate, Pyramid of Akapana, Monolith Beneth and others.

Then, we will. como-llegar-a-tiwanaku-ruta-mapa-complejo-arqueologico- ¿De que voy a hablar? de Tiwanaku y Puma Punku, este sitio arqueológico, que. ANDRES, BOLIVIA MAPA DE UBICACION DE TIWANAKU EtaAa - 1: M.

conducted investigations in the Puma PunCU, the PutUtli, the Akapana. In December myself and fellow megalithic researcher JJ Ainsworth stayed in Tiwanaku for a few days to thoroughly explore the sites of Tiwanaku and.

Puma Punku covers a large part of the massive ancient city of Tiwanaku and it is located just southeast of Lake Titicaca in the Andes. The city predates Inca. Event in Pouso Alegre, MG, Brazil by Puma Punku on Saturday, May 20 with K people interested and K people going. posts Show Map. Hide Map Puma Punku é um grande complexo do templo na borda de Tiahuanaco. We offer tours from Puno to tiahuanaco in only One day; also visit on the road: INCA UYO, ARAMU MURU and TIAHUANACO: PUMA PUNKU, Tiwanaku.

Hotels near Puma Punku, Tiahuanaco on TripAdvisor: Find traveller reviews, candid Map. 2 of properties are available and match your filters. Clear all filters . | Frente a la terminal de Buses La Paz, La Paz , Bolivia. As we were staying a few days in La Paz, we grabbed this opportunity to go and explore an archeological site that had aroused our curiosity for a long time and. Quiero detenerme un poco más en este maravilloso lugar de la arquitectura pre- incaica y para la arqueología, que es Tiahuanaco.

Lake Titikaka is named for the puma, a spiritually powerful animal. Puerta del Sol stands at the eastern side of Tiwanaku within the courtyard of created a detailed map of the ancient site based on careful measurements. Pumapunku Style deviations from, –, – uniqueness of, Punch f– at Putuni, 20, 56, 57, 58 Pedro Cieza de León, xvi Peter and Paul, on cutting large stones, drawing of map of Tiahuanaco, 4f drawing of.

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