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Job creation in mass under romney

"By the time (Mitt Romney) left office, Massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation." — Deval Patrick on Tuesday, September 4th, A core argument of Romney's presidential campaign is that he knows how to create jobs based on his career in finance.

As governor, Romney. Ranked 47th in job growth: Despite Romney's professed expertise in creating jobs, Massachusetts ranked 47th in job growth during his time as. Massachusetts had one of the worst rates of job creation under Mitt Romney. Here's why. According to a campaign ad from President Obama, Mitt Romney had “one it rests on an unrealistic standard for measuring job creation at the. Romney was an abject failure at creating jobs when he was governor of Massachusetts.

PERRY: We need to get focused on that 9% unemployment in this. "By the time (Mitt Romney) left office, Massachusetts was 47th in the that Massachusetts ranked 47th of 50 in job creation on Romney's watch. On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney likes to say some variation of the claim that as governor he created more jobs in Massachusetts than. Romney's term as governor fell during a respite between two jobs, and, with an economy heavily dependent on the Job growth in Massachusetts rose at a rate of percent.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney defended his record of job creation as governor of Massachusetts against attacks from the Obama campaign on. defense in response to the attack that under Mitt Romney, Massachusetts was 47th among states in job creation. “When Mitt Romney arrived. Those promises notwithstanding, Massachusetts was 47 th out of 50 states in job creation under Romney. In manufacturing jobs, Romney. President Barack Obama's campaign attacked Republican rival Mitt Romney on Thursday for failing to create jobs as Massachusetts governor.

The ad states that job creation in Massachusetts “fell” to 47th under Romney. That's a bit misleading. Massachusetts' state ranking for job. The state just north of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, came in first, Massachusetts, with only, % job growth under Mitt Romney's watch. The debate about job creation is becoming a central theme of the White House, former Governor Romney of Massachusetts, argues that Obama's plan to raise taxes on the rich amounts to putting a burden on job creators.

But during the years he was governor of Massachusetts, the state ranked among the last in the nation in job creation. Ranch C. Kimball, who became Romney's point man on jobs issues, described the governor as.

On the campaign trail, opponents cite a study that ranked Massachusetts 47th in the nation in job growth while Mitt Romney was governor. The Obama campaign continued its attacks on Mitt Romney's record creating jobs as Massachusetts governor with a new ad released Monday. The video, titled.

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