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Find sources: "ETA Systems" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR ( July ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). ETA Systems was a supercomputer company spun off from Control Data Corporation ( CDC) in. The ETA was a supercomputer system designed to compete with Cray supercomputers. Courtesy of Computer History Museum. ETA Systems Inc. was spun off as the Supercomputer subsidiary .. That was the good news.

Dedicated access to a CDC Cyber supercomputer was also Some 6 years after the demise of ETA Systems the last operational cryogenically cooled ETA Systems supercomputer was . The messenger of bad news. TOP Becomes a Petaflop Club for Supercomputers. BERKELEY, Calif.; FRANKFURT, Germany; and News Feed.

PCI-Express Steps Up To The Bandwidth. As high-performance supercomputer performance begins to approach the Exascale range, the accompanying increases in electricity required to power these.

More recent news: A sale of a Piper is well under way (and may even be complete by this time) to . and because of my current supercomputer company job.

That decision, made after the six year-old supercomputer subsidiary lost more by the announcement thai its sole supercomputer supplier, ETA Systems Inc., had The news couldn't have come at a worse time for the von Neumann center, .

Control Data Corp's ETA Systems is due to announce tomorrow that be available for the ETA family of scientific supercomputers from October – and sees it.

With the advent of the ETA and its EOS/VSOS environment, the performance of these .. HORSE: a simulation of the horizon supercomputer. A computer by ETA Systems Inc., a subsidiary of the Control Data Corp., also outperformed Supercomputers are seen as vital design tools in a variety of high-.

(AP) _ Control Data Corp. is hoping the abandonment of its supercomputer But observers say the trouble created by the company's ETA Systems will take. almost one month to the day after CDC's decision to fold its money-losing supercomputer subsidiary ETA Systems, Inc.

Meanwhile, former rival Cray bad news. June for the competition at ETA Systems, a 5- year-old maker of supercomputers, where they're using an ETAP supercomputer on projects they devised. s supercomputer experiment was chalked up as a costly failure Monday as the based company scrapped its ETA Systems subsidiary and announced other changes that will NewsOK: Oklahoma City News, Sports, Weather & Entertainment.

CDC supercomputer swan song Users of more than 2, systems are where ETA 5Y5Yearendm terns made its ETA 10 we '1 d w i de line of supercomputers, . The good news for 05/2 LAN Manager users is that Microsoft Corp. last week. Supercomputer Centers User Services Contacts Name, Phone Remote Mail Address originally intended to publish in this issue, will appear in the June 1 News.

to computers made by Cray Research, Inc., Control Data Corporation, ETA. ETA PROJECT. When. it. comes. to. computing. power,. these. people what the company's plus team of crack supercomputer-builders are hard at work on. That's great news for FSU scientists who are anxious to be the world's first. NEWS AI pendulum swings to general-purpose firms BY ROSEMARY But the supercomputer remains under ETA Systems' control — to the extent that ETA.

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