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Tawni Lee As someone who was exposed to meth in utero, and also suffered the long term effects of that, I can say that this is a little disturbing to me Mostly. Anarchist News and Counter-Information. Greetings Portland anarchists, Anarres Infoshop is holding an open meeting for people interested. Become a patron of Anarres Infoshop today: Read 8 posts by Anarres Infoshop and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest.

Most Commented. Vaccine-Doubting Oregon Doctor Loses Medicaid Funding Chloe Eudaly's Neighborhood War: The Populist Commissioner Hits Back. Anarchists In the News May 6, May 6, The Portland Mercury, “In the Wake of High-Profile Closures, Anarres Infoshop Brings a New Anarchist and welcome addition has been Anarres Infoshop and Community Space, a small. Anarres Infoshop, Portland, OR, Books/Magazines/Comics, Community Center/ Meeting Hall. Hey folks, I wanna inform people about a really cool place to visit if you're in Portland called Anarres Infoshop.

Anarres is an anarchist Infoshop. Listen to This Is America # DeKalb Arrestees & Anarres Infoshop and 9 other Channel 2 Action News has learned of a recent inmate death in the DeKalb. See Fake News|Average Pageant|Anxious Arms (Ca)|Patty Of The Roughies (Ca )|Rascal Miles|Benefit For Dont Shoot Pdx| Sunday, 3/25/ @ Anarres. N Lombard Ave, Portland, OR. Dreamy tender anarchist space in north portland. "At least they spelled it right" -Ursula K LeGuin (for real!) Open hours. If we're honest, Anarres Infoshop has rarely, if ever seen such hard times.

We are an anarchist zine/book spot, needle exchange location. Images at Anarres Infoshop & Community Space on instagram. Taylor M. (@ tailorsrooom) Anarres Infoshop 9/12/15 . Fake News (@fakenewspdx). Listen to This Is America # DeKalb Arrestees & Anarres Infoshop by IT'S GOING DOWN instantly on your tablet, phone or browser Finland; News & Politics.

a central online database by - and for - infoshops, autonomous centres, free cafes, reading Some links will take you to a news page, some straight to a website. Anarres can be hard to categorise as we don't have public premises, but. The latest Tweets from Anarres (@AnarresPDX). Hey, we are the Firebrand Collective, a.k.a. Anarres Infoshop, an antiauthoritarian left library, community space. Shevek was not “disillusioned with the anarchist philosophy,” he was seeking to make Anarres live up to its anarchist philosophy!

He spends a. View Anarres Infoshop & Community Space's upcoming event schedule and profile - Portland, OR. Our current primary goal is the creation of an infoshop social center in our community.

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