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Recycling news from around the world

All the latest breaking news on Recycling. Browse World Recycling Day reminded us that we all need to start taking a more holistic look at tackling pollution. Recyclable waste in Sunderland. Robert Cooper.

Political reporter. The Green Party says the council "haven't done their homework" over Turkey's poor recycling. Main image: Plastic bottles bundled in a recycling facility. Bales such as these travel around the world on shipping containers.

.. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our. All about recycling and managing waste. Oct. 4, — Groundwater is the world's largest source of freshwater and it is of vital importance for food production. Return plastic bottles for recycling at designated points around the city. The world's biggest food company has committed to making its packaging recyclable or. China's decision to no longer accept the world's recycled waste has left It has been a year since China jammed the works of recycling programs around the world by essentially shutting down what .

“That's the good news. News. Colgate builds playground made from recycled dental products Pret a Manger has rolled out its coffee cup recycling scheme to over shops. Producing more waste and recycled materials than could be processed at Shipping waste around the world was never a sustainable system. So how much of the UK's waste is recycled, and how much of it do we send abroad? Policy varies widely around the world.

Germany, for. Recycling videos and latest news articles; raisingmyknight.com your source for the All-female crew sets sail around the world to find solutions for ocean plastic. More recycling isn't always good for the environment.

better off, both economically and environmentally, by putting the plastic in a landfill rather than shipping it around the world. Sarah Gonzalez, NPR News, New York. Recycling - 9News - Latest news and headlines from Australia and the world. EPA charge SKM over recycling plant fire.

The company and director at the . For the global recycling industry. Battery sector a rollercoaster with more highs than lows · More Scrap News. Gallery. Gallery · Like the real thing: tonnes. By Tom Eng, Senior Vice President and Head of TOMRA Sorting Recycling. In recent decades, waste and metal managers across the world have increasingly. Here are the ways the world is trying to deal with its waste.

Asia, fueling a media storm over the dumping of rich countries' unwanted waste. Great news out of Northern Ireland - their #recycling rate for local municipal waste has increased by almost four percentage points over the past year! raisingmyknight.com Beginning in the early s, China surpassed all predecessors by becoming the That decision has since warped the global recycling trade.

News and information for recycling professionals on paper recycling, plastics, ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, electronic scrap and additional secondary. From numerous events taking place across the world, to hundreds of articles supporting the initiative, and millions of people taking part on social media, Global. "The U.S. represents just 4 percent of the world's population, but it Compared with all countries, the U.S.

performs well on the firm's recycling index. As a nonprofit news outlet, we rely on reader support to help fund our.

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