Is the Apple Magic Mouse good

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a poor wireless mouse for mixed use. Its compact design is good for traveling, though it means that it can only be used with fingertip grip, which may not be great for everyone. It has great build quality, though unfortunately the sensor has very limited performance, and many people may not like the speed and fluidity of the cursor as it moves across the screen. It also has high wireless click latency, meaning you may notice a delay from when you click the button on the mouse, and it activates on screen. The tactile, touch controls are easy-to-use, and it recognizes many different gestures, but these are only natively supported on macOS; the Magic Mouse works on Windows but you only get a left and right button click.

Our Verdict

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a disappointing mouse for mixed usage. Its mediocre ergonomics are okay for casual use but will likely be uncomfortable for extended work sessions and is only usable with fingertip grip. It lacks any programmable buttons and has extremely poor click latency, making it not suitable for gaming.

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