Is snog a British word

Kiss and cuddle amorously.

‘the pair were snogging on the sofa’

with object‘he snogged my girl at a party’

  • ‘It lasts for all of 30 seconds and consists of the pair snogging and tearing at each other's clothing, but even so Jones was nervous.’
  • ‘Last night in Manchester, for example, I snogged three different girls after the show.’
  • ‘Couples snogged at intermission and left holding hands at the end as if they'd been through something very profound together.’
  • ‘But I've never worked in a place big enough to have people snogging in corners and meeting their life's love or behaving so badly as to be dismissed.’
  • ‘All around, the most beautiful girls and troll-like boys drank and danced and fumbled and snogged in a surging tide of 1970s pop classics, beer and hormones.’
  • ‘We hung out after work in Soho for a couple of weeks and then one evening… we snogged.’
  • ‘I wonder what the policy is on snogging in the gym?’
  • ‘If my later dates were anything to go by, I imagine we sat in a rancid little coffee bar at Golders Green bus station for hours, before snogging messily in one of the nearby phone boxes.’
  • ‘I spent a whole day snogging different beautiful women.’
  • ‘Also look out for her video which features two blokes snogging!’
  • ‘We were surrounded by fresh-faced young people drinking and snogging.’
  • ‘But, before you had time to slip on the mud, the two were snogging as if it was the last festival ever.’
  • ‘Whichever way I twisted or turned, it seemed everyone was snogging, except me.’
  • ‘Apparently, this is because snogging virtually stops a year or so into a romantic affiliation.’
  • ‘I'll make sure to tell you all the juicy details of where, when, and how long we snogged once we're done.’
  • ‘Anyway, we were watching a vid the other day, and we snogged… nothing happened after, though, so I just dropped it.’
  • ‘On the way, I see a couple snogging in my path.’
  • ‘Just ran out for some milk and there's this couple snogging in the car outside the store.’
  • ‘They can wear the best clothes, go to the best clubs, snog the best-looking boys.’
  • ‘"Yeah, she went up there after she tried to snog that blond boy" laughed Zack.’

make love, have sex, have sexual intercourse