Is Ranbir Kapoors acting career over

We all know that Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood. He burst into the scene with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saawariya and even though the film tanked, everyone knew he was the superstar in the making. He followed it up with HIT films like Bachna Ae Haseeno, Wake Up Sid, Rockstar, Barfi!, Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani and a few others. At this point everyone considered Ranbir as the NEXT BIG thing. However, in last few years he has only delivered disappointments. Besharam, Roy and Bombay Velvet tanked, while Tamasha performed very averagely. This meant Ranbir's career was nearly finished, but li'l does anyone know about his talent! Yes, RK has made a lot of wrong choices over the past few years, but he is talented. So even though he hasn't had any hit for the last 3 years, he will bounce back. And as Ranbir celebrates his 34th birthday today, we decided to find out from our trade expert - Amul Mohan (Editor of Super Cinema) what he thinks about Ranbir's career till now and what does his future hold. His replies were exactly what we thought it would be.

Talking about Ranbir's career till date, Amul mentioned to us, "He is a BIG, BIG, BIG actor... In fact, he is one of the best amongst the younger crop of performers and nobody can boast of that! Maybe they (the other stars) might have a better star power right now, given the bad phase that Ranbir has had at the box office over the last few years. So other people may be slightly ahead in terms of star power, but acting calibre wise, nobody is in his periphery! He is a very good actor and I guess he'll get his stardom back when Ae Dil Hai Mushkil comes around coz I guess that is the space people like him in. It's a rom-com with good music, that always works for him. There is also another thing that I was reading somewhere. Movies where he has worked with Pritam as a music director, have turned out to be good, profitable ventures. So he has lot of things like that happening and working in his favour right now." ALSO READ - Rockstar, Wake Up Sid, Tamasha - 5 Ranbir Kapoor acts which shows his acting prowess is second to none!

But where does he stand right now? Amul explains that his standing is not important, but his talent is! He reveals to us, "See he is a great actor and a proven star. Any star can go through ups and downs. If you are not a good actor, given that you are a star, then it will really hurt you. Any actor in his position, if they would have a year like Ranbir had, then it would be a problematic situation for them to come back again. But the point is that he is still working with the best directors and he is working on stories which are big. He is also getting the budget for the films he wants to make, so I don't think that his situation is too bad... I just feel that he is just one good film away from making a huge comeback."

Amul also reveals that Ranbir has a very good future as he is working on good projects. As Amul adds, "Ranbir has good films with great directors! You obviously rate Anurag Basu as a great director, you rate Ayan as a good director and then you obviously consider Karan Johar as an amazing director too. So he is working with big directors with whom he has a comfort zone with. He has worked with Ayan and Anurag. So, he has a sense of comfort with them and they tend to make good films together. So this situation is fabulous on paper. Any other film that he is in talks with or is considering, is also in the big league." ALSO READ - Will Ae Dil Hai Mushkil be THE film that will mark Ranbir Kapoor's comeback?

So will Ranbir be able to re-establish himself as the star he was? Amul mentioned, "I genuinely feel that he has a lot to offer, which he will easily achieve, given the situation and position that he is in. Looking at the future also, he has great movies, any actor would love to be in the next Anurag Basu film (Jagga Jasoos) or the lead in a Karan Johar film (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil), so it is a dream situation. That's what I was saying, any actor who had a couple of years like he had, then they wouldn't have boasted this kind of a line up. He is a good actor and that helps him in scenarios like these! He just needs one film to bounce back." ALSO READ - 5 things Ranbir Kapoor should do to get his box office magic back!

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