Is Munich a dirty city

Actually you won't go wrong with either city. They both have attractions, a healthy nightlife, great selection of cafe's, bars, restaurants etc. So either choice is a good one

I have only visited Munich once but used to live in Amsterdam and can assure you that it's not "dirty, stupid people and "druggies" are running around" This is the opinion of a 15 year old American who has yet to set foot in Amsterdam. So take that with the pinch of salt it deserves!

Amsterdam is actually a very beautiful city and much more than the obvious stereotypes. In that respect so is Munich in terms of scenic & beautiful architecture

Regarding cost, well to be honest you won't find much difference between the two and especially at that time of the year the prices (hotels, air fares etc) are lower as it is out of season.

Of course if I were to recommend one then it would be Amsterdam as I know it well and it is a great city to have fun. However, showing no bias, have a read of the below sites and see what is on offer and see what appeals to you personally.

A nice site for Amsterdam is

Then a good site to show the main attractions for both is:

Good luck with your decision