Is life magical

Life Magic

Power/Ability to:

Utilize magic to bring things to life.

The power to utilize magic to bring things to life. Form of Magic. Variation of Life-Force Manipulation. Opposite to Death Magic. Not to be confused with Animancy.

Also Called

  • Animation Magic
  • Living Magic


The users of this power can utilize powerful spells which can bring anything the user sees fit to life, such as a statues, toys, even such as furniture and rubble.




Known Users

Known Objects

  • Rat Talisman (Jackie Chan Adventures); "Motion to the Motionless"


Anna Maht's (World of Quest) magic can grant life to anything that is inanimate.

Queen Diana (Marchen Awakens Romance) used powerful dark magic on a doll named Pinocchion to bring him to life.

Magisters of the Jade Order (Warhammer Fantasy) make use of the primarily plant-based power of Ghyran, the Green Wind of Magic, often known as the Wind of Life.

Nerissa (W.I.T.C.H.) the former Guardian of Quintessence can electrical appliances and inanimate objects to life through the vocal summoning of Quintessence.

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