Is law school in Canada expensive

What’s Driving the Tuition Increase?

Well, to hear law school officials tell it, the popularity and importance of law school rankings perversely increases law school tuition by causing law schools to spend money on objective metrics that drive higher rankings. In a 2009 U.S. Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) Study, GAO officials interviewed law school officials on this very question of rising tuition costs. In response, the law school officials said:

“The move to a more hands-on, resource-intensive approach to legal education and competition among schools for higher rankings appear to be the main factors driving law school cost, while ABA accreditation requirements appear to play a minor role. Additionally, recent decreases in state funding are seen as a contributor to rising tuition at public schools.”

There’s no easy answer to reverse this trend. Prospective law students understandably are hungry for information about the relative merits of different law schools to which they’re applying, and law school rankings (while imperfect) provide a measure of this information. Plus, state governments remain under pressure to cut their budgets, so it’s unlikely we’ll see stabilized or increased funding for state colleges and universities anytime soon. The best thing you can do to keep your law school expenses to a minimum is to apply to as many private law school scholarships as possible. Get started now, using our Law School Scholarship Finder!